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HEYA just wanted to say again that i'm not here anymore, i'll be on puuker from now on.

:iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: 
:iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker: :iconpuuker:

HEYY i'm moving to this account!!! follow me over if you want to!!!
anything helps my situation, so i'm putting some cheap commissions out there.

2$ headshots are sketchy and can include more than three colors but dont include much detail
red looks good on you by spaghottie

4$ head/bust shots are clean and colored/shaded simplistically
mr giggles by spaghottie

8$ full bodies are harder so a bit more expensive, and come with basic shading but no background.
shore boy by spaghottie

i'm open to gore and nsfw but adding a second character is double. open to different requests (experimental) but prices would vary. really, anything helps me right now and any support is appreciated! if you'd like to, go ahead and comment or note me for a commission! slots are endless
i've been a little detached these past few days. my grandmother passed the night before new years, and it was so sudden and awful. my mother is a wreck she hides it well but i can tell, but we're all trying to be okay. i've been doing well, perhaps a bit more obnoxious than usual lol. i'm just trying to be happy and have a good time, is all.

anyways. it's been rough, but we're hanging in there. i'm hanging in there. i'll just be wonky for a bit, still have a hard time feeling real. on thanksgiving my mom lost her uncle, and a month before that i lost my dog, my best friend. hopefully that's then end of tragedies, as they come in threes and it's the new year. i'm trying to leave it all in 2017 and start new, and better. it'll be a while before we're all really okay and on solid ground again, so if i act strangely i apologize ahead of time. i just.. really miss my grammy.  thanks for understanding!

i wish everyone well!!
-Did you change at all this year?
immensely, i'm sure

-Did you dye your hair? 
if only

-Did you get your hair cut? 
like, once. it's too long rn

-Did you get good grades?  
i havent had grades since 1882

-Did you drive?
a bumper car at the state fair, yeah 8D

-Did you move at all? 
not from this spot in the slightest, no

-Did you go on any vacations?  
give me the money and i will

-Did you meet any new friends this year? 
i believe so :>

-Did any of your friendships end?
yes ugh

-Did you dislike anyone?
: ) who me???? never..................................................... .

-Did you make any new enemies?
possibly, idk. is it too much energy spent on enemies?

-Did you resolve any fights?
yes and no

-Who was your closest friend? 

-Did you grow apart from anyone?

-Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
y e a h

-Have you had your birthday?
no , i do  no t a g e. i am i m m o r t a l  and aageless

-Pulled an all nighter? 
you know, i don't think i've ever- wait yes i ahve, but no not this year

-Drank Starbucks?
my small town is so lame i ve never even seen a starbucks irl

-Bought something(s)?
no because i am under a rock
ofc i bought something

-Met someone special who changed your life? 
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sorta

-What are you thinking about? 
i try not to think

-Would you get married if you could right now? 
um yes
wait no
i would get hitched

-How did you feel when you woke up today?

-Are you good at hiding your feelings? 
mmmidk yes?

-Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? 
ya but not recently
lemon and i dont fight anymore, we're not 11 (yet)

-Do you like to have long hair or short hair?  
short short short

-Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
idk how i could, no. never.

-Which of your friends do you argue with the most?
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................i am not an arguer. if we disagree then so be it lol

-How many texts are in your inbox? 
2 comment thingers and 5 notes... three of which are... RPs i ... need to reply

-Who was your last text message from?
pffpfpfpffffft LemonDewDrops 

-Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
my boyfriend

-Who took your profile picture?
p...pannthera?? they made it, at least!!

-Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth? 
neither. but honestly i would rather cry over a truth, at least that way i know what's what

-What’s on your bedroom floor right now? 
clothes.... my christmas presents.....empty blunt wraps LOL

-Do you trust people too easily? 

-Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?
my internal fear of being called ungrateful is making me say "yes"

-Last thing you ate?
chicken.......................................... and green beans

-How many people are you texting? 

-Will you be in bed within twenty minutes? 
ha ha NO

-What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had? 
choccy milk

stole dis from benadrylz 
and i tag this bitchass to do it: :iconlemondewdrops: <3 (u dont have to)
fun fun

✔️ = yes
❌ = no
= preferred / favorite
❓ = unsure / maybe

what titles are you comfortable with having in your relationship?

 ♡ boyfriend
 ♡ girlfriend
 ♡ datefriend
 ♡ girlboyfriend
 ♡ boygirlfriend
 ♡ feyfriend
 ♡ enbyfriend
 ♡ lovefriend  ✔️
 ♡ datemate ✔️
 ♡ other half ✔️
 ♡ partner
 ♡ significant other ✔️
 ♡ lover ✔️
 ♡ soulmate ✔️
 ♡ companion
 ♡ spouse
 ♡ love ✔️

what names are you comfortable with your partner(s) calling you?

 ♡ baby
 ♡ babe ✔️
 ♡ bab
 ♡ beeb ✔️
 ♡ love ✔️
 ♡ lovey ✔️
 ♡ lovely ✔️
 ♡ darling ✔️
 ♡ cutie ✔
 ♡ sweet ✔️
 ♡ sweetie
 ♡ sweetheart ✔️
 ♡ hon ✔️
 ♡ honey ❌
 ♡ hon bun ✔️
 ♡ beloved 
 ♡ pumpkin 
 ♡ dear 
 ♡ dearest 
 ♡ beautiful ✔️
 ♡ daisy 
 ♡ everything
 ♡ doll
 ♡ angel 
 ♡ princess 
 ♡ prince ❌
 ♡ princex 
 ♡ prin  
 ♡ prinxe 
 ♡ king 
 ♡ queen 
 ♡ your majesty ❌
 ♡ god ❌
 ♡ goddess ❌
 ♡ goddex 
 ♡ pet ❌
 ♡ kit 
 ♡ kitty 
 ♡ kitten ❌
 ♡ bear ❌
 ♡ bunny ❌
 ♡ dove 
 ♡ star 
 ♡ sun 
 ♡ sunshine ✔️
 ♡ flower ❌
 ♡ hero 
 ♡ heroine 
 ♡ hottie ✔️
 ♡ little X (ex: little )
 ♡ my X (ex: my hero)
 ♡ lover X (ex: lover boy) ✔️
 ♡ muffin
 ♡ my world
 ♡ precious 
 ♡ sugar ✔️
 ♡ sugarbear ❌

you don't have to, but like.. if you've always wanted something from me... and you put it on your wishlist or whatever and i see it, i might do a sketchydoo : D because christmas!!
!!watch this sweet boi!!
:iconbenadrylz: :iconbenadrylz: :iconbenadrylz:
benadrylz is super rad and their art is super cute and precious... and their commissions are OPEN!! their prices are super cheap and they're nice asf

:heart: here's the commissions deetz! they take both USD and points! :heart:

<da:thumb id="710094225"/>
hello!  if you comment on this journal, commissions of any kind will be half off!  

headshots- 5$ 3.50$
half/bustshot- 10$ 5$
fullbody- 15$ 7.50$
+6$ 3$ for each additional character

inked- 3$ 1.50$
inked in specific color- 5$ 2.50$
shaded- 3$ 1.50$
colored- 6$ 3$
ink + color- 10$ 5$

background- 10$ non applicable 

painted- 50$ non applicable

example: full body inked and colored was 25$, now 12.50$!
not to mention my returning commissioner's discount of 2$, so if you've commissioned me before you'll forever have $2 off of every future purchase from me

if you want to be anonymous(sort of) just drop your name in the comments and then PM me
hello i am alive, it is me, but i wont be around forever.  idk when or if ill ever be back, but i m gonna.... upload some stuff.. maybe..?  yah. 

anyways hi.  i need mney.  do y have money fr me?? NO? goaywa
Hey there, it's me LemonDewDrops , Lars's bff :0c
Lars just wanted me to log in and let all of their watchers know that they're okay! They just have literally no internet. They don't have a way to regularly check DA anymore or post art. So please be patient with them!!
They also wanted me to say they love you all! 

That's about it for now! Thank you <3
im having terrible art block and all I want to do is draw nsfw of peridot :-(

also, my best friend just went back to Florida and I'm a wee bit bummed!! ilysm lemon <3

annnyway my point is im back to just traditional stuff! my good ol pal was letting me draw w her beautiful digital stuff, but she's gone and its ogre, isn't it?  isn't it?

isn't it ogre
Rules: Answer truthfully, No skipping questions!
   Tag 8 people you want to get to know better 
Tagged by : nobdot

Name: Lars McQuarrie
Zodiac: Aries
Average Hours of Sleep: 9-10 hours (not including naps B) )
Lucky Number: 13
Last Thing I Googled: peridot nsfw o:
Favorite Fictional Character: deadpool
What Are You wearing now?: shorts and a t shirt .... . . 
When I started: startedf what
Amount of Watchers: like 12
What I post: shit
Do you get a lot of comments?: ehn
Why your username?: because cannibal but A and L switches is cannibla, just add the rs and its my name too?  also, im a cannibal ;3  jk

LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops LemonDewDrops does that count as tagging 8 ppl
im nerdpanties on skype, please message me and tell me ur dA name of course <3

i might not accept if we've never really talked before ;o  but hmu anyway!
sleepyhead by spaghottie  goooold by spaghottie

i want some caaash so for like tonight only, some good ol' fashion digital art; headshots are on sale for like?? 4-5$??

comment on this here journal with a ref (at least a headshot) of whomever and details on like, a facial expression?
it's first come first serve and i'll get to work asap and it'll be uploaded with the following hour~

please :'(  i'll also take 450 pts maybe??
i drew all of my OCs on lemon's art tablet thingamajig and i am about to upload all 20+ of them
she has like 50 ocs so her spam influx will be much larger however B)

ILL MAKE PROFILES OR WHATEVER FOR THEM SOME OTHER DAY, but for now itll just be their name n whatever
hope u like all my ocs and please draw me fanart ill cum for u
so not only am i feeling real dysphoric lately, but my cat charlie had kittens and one didn't make it.  there were two left, healthy and lovely and adorable and great and I loved then both so much.  orange and gray, gray had a home to go to but the orange one was going to be mine.  I know it was only a week, but I fell in love with her and she made me happy and Charlie would let me curl up with them, and would curl up on the other side and purr and shit

anyway I came home yesterday and the orange one had passed.  i uh// idk, I know it's stupid but I am really distraught about this.  I cried for a good two hours in whole, took an hour shower to boot and drank my sorrows.  Over this newborn kitten I barely knew.  my cheat hurts, sorry I'm being a baby haha..

anyway my point is, I'm staying home with the gray kitten. I feel like it was my fault, I feel like if I had stayed home the orange kitten would still be alive and I really can't get over it.  I feel so awful, it's all my fault and I miss the kitten.  So I'm going to stay and keep an eye over the kitten, make sure it's okay.  I won't have access to the internet from my house, and I'm gonna stay home until the kitten's eyes are open and it's walking, instead of crawling

I'm really sorry, everyone.  I'll be back around in a week or so
i'm just making things to link to for my page, pl s do n t min d m ee
i'm picky about rp and also i'm terribly slow!!  i only rp a few characters, and seldom my own.  here's a list of characters i'm comfortable RPing;  
steven universe;  
--peridot (compatible: jasper, amethyst, pearl, garnet, lapis lazuli, steven)
--amethyst (compatible: peridot, pearl, garnet, steven, lapis lazuli, beach city residents)
--pearl (compatible: steven, garnet, rose, greg, peridot, lapis lazuli, beach city residents)
--steven (compatible: anyone)
--frisk (compatible: anyone)
--sans (compatible: frisk, chara, papyrus, mettaton, toriel, gaster, flowey)
--undyne (compatible: alphys, asgore, frisk, chara, papyrus, sans, monster kid)
--deadpool (compatible: spiderman, wolverine, ironman, hydra bob, domino, cable, ajax, negasonicteenagewarhead)
--naruto (compatible: anyone)
--hinata (compatible: naruto)
--rick (compatible: morty)
--morty (compatible: rick)
--dean w (compatible: castiel, sam, benny, crowley, death, dick roman)
--castiel (compatible: dean, sam, meg, crowley, angels)
--terezi (compatible: karkat, gamzee)
if you wanna rp, send me a note!
if you wanna rp with an oc of mine, tell me which one and link me to the character you'd plan on using~
if i'm uncomfortable with what you have to offer/who you are, i may not respond. 3:
sketch prices;
-chibi (starting rate: $1) (+$1 for each additional character)
-portraits (starting rate: $3) (+$2 for each additional character)
-full body (starting rate: $5) (+$3 for each additional character)
-gore (starting rate: $8) (+3 for each additional character)
-nsfw(18+) (starting rate: $10) (+$2 for each additional character)
u think my bruised knees are sorta pretty by spaghottie cat,dog by spaghottie
it's an additional $3 for;
-outlining (in any color ink)

Mature Content

i feel better by spaghottie
fishbabe by spaghottie
it's an additional $10 for;
-complex/colored backgrounds
jenny darling by spaghottie

commission requirements;
--if you're looking to commission me for nsfw, you need to be 18+.
--fill out this tiny form;
commission type: chibi sketch / painted full body / outlined (black ink) nsfw / etc
character ref: link here
description: what do you want it to look like? poses, facial expressions, etc?
anything else: ?
paytype: how much you're willing to pay (within ranges of set prices!)

when i have the finished product, i'll note you.  i'll upload the piece after the money is recieved~!  

prices are pretty much pay what you can, as long as you're not underselling me ;0
pleasepleaspleaplaeaslpelasplease commission me :heart: