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Surprise! I got tagged by CrystalShinez  and Volatile-Rain  XD
Okay, so here are the question and my answer is..
Lel feels like doing college assignment I think I've fainted. 

1.Were you heartbroken?
Umm, lemme check.. Nah its fine.. XD

2.Did you make any new friends?
Yes!! In Da..

3.Did you lose any?
Not really. XD 

4.How old are you right now?
Gosh.. this wizard is gettin old.. 28 this year. =D

5.What did you do in 2017?
Becoming a wizard!!

6.How many watchers have you gained in 2017?
Haha! not sure.. didn't really count em. "Watchers" sound like a stalker, I mean you just gonna watch me? then?
Its better called supporters/friends or something like that. Hug 

7.Did you change in the last year?
Maybe a bit.. Nah.. but time do change.

8.How was 2017?
It was good.. many self improvements!! 

XD i wont tag anyone.. This is not my first tag too..
I've seen someone getting mad because of too much "tag"! haha
But anyone can join this if they want too. =D
So, two birds one stone eh?? haha XD
I got tagged again by CrystalShinez  and Volatile-Rain 

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” -Pablo Picasso <- Thanks to this man!! XD

So, here we go!!

1. Favorite movie or band?
Movie? Hmm.. thats too many of them.. I like "Based on true story" genre.
Bans mostly 80s-90s. In terms of musics, I listen to (Metal,grunge,J-rock,Blues) But i always love classical and orchestra!!

2. What do you love to do besides draw?
Sleeping. Haha! Of course i like to do other things like playing video games, playing guitar and midnight walks!  XD 

3. Ship of yaoi favorite?
 Hmm, im not sure about this.. haha.. but if there is one, it will be Noctis and Ignis from FFXV! love this game!! lel

4. What is your senpai of life? (Can be a fictitious think tank)
Haha.. there's so many of em!! Mostly those inspiring one! XD

5. Summer or winter?
Winter! But we dont have it here! haha. So i choose rainy days!

6. Any current crush? (You do not have to say the name!)
Yes..........................................!! Candy crush!! =P

7. Favorite game?
From SNES till now?? hahah.. I play too much from competitive to casual. Pc? Xbox? PS? I like playstation exclusive more! Square enix productions and some "decisions making" genre. But, currently got addicted to Souls genre type.
Its hard game i would say. It is really build-up self patience! SOULSGASM!! 

8. Where would you like to travel?

9. Pessimistic, optimistic or realistic?
Pessimistic + Realistic + Optimistic?? haha!

10. Favorite school subject?
Bio Science(Reproduction topic)!!
Nah, just kidding. XD HISTORY.. its a time travel!
11. School matter that you hate the most
Soft skills!!

12. Favorite animal?
Owls, Bears, Cats and Dogs!!

13. Do you have any trauma?
Physically: yes!
Mentally: yes!

So thats eeet!! Thank you for tagging! =D
XD i wont tag anyone.. This is not my first tag too..
I've seen someone getting mad because of too much "tag"! haha
But anyone can join this if they want too. =D

Love lays waste to many beings

Love leaves behind a wreckage
A battlefield littered with old, forgotten stories
Stained with losses
Of stories that could have reached glory
Of stories that could have been 
Of stories that once shone with hope 
Love confronts,
Bringing about the beginning or end of someone 
when they least expect it.
Love spurs mere mortals to embody greatness
To shed their old skin,
To emerge from their weak shells.
Love breathes life into weary old bones
Awakens stagnant souls.
One day you will wake up to see,
She is the reason you are walking with strength into the wastelands of life
Or that he is the reason you move forward with renewed vigor. 
And when all has been said and done,
Would you still walk into that open field of uncertainty,
Fraught with danger and beauty?
Would you breathe in the air that you once felt to be poison for your lungs?
Would you feel punished, just being there?
Would you dare to pick up arms for someone other than yourself again?
For the sake of your still beating heart
And the patient, blank pages in the tomes of your life,
I hope you do.

Many thanks to Volatile-Rain for her masterpiece writing! Clap 
PS: This is my last painting from last year. Wink/Razz 
Happy new year! Luv ya guys! Peace Heart 



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