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Hotaru, Usagi and Mistress9

This fanart is a gift for someone precious to me.

You can download it to get a better quality of the picture.
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It is a very good work.
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This is insanely gorgeous!
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So beautiful picture I love them all
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Saturn/ Hotaru my all time favorite Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Oh my god so many feels from one picture >.<

My name got inspired by Sailor Saturn, she's my favorite Sailor Guardian.

This is Awesome, keep up the great work!~
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do you request ?
Very interesting!  More mystical-like than most portraits, but very brilliant!
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I'm stunned! Mistress 9 is my fav villian and I also love Saturn, she's such a mysterious character, and the Messiah is my fav image of SM!
XeRauS's avatar
:O Stunning artistry :heart:
AsiMakri's avatar
woooow this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My favorite senshi! this happens to be my favorite season out of Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 are both bad ass :) I really love this picture :)
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Wow, I had forgotten about Mistress 9!
dewinthesky's avatar
i love your sailor moon fanart! its really pretty! please accept a favorite from me!
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another name for it - Sorrow (Usagi/Serena), Reluctance (Hotaru), and Malice (Mistress 9)

well done!
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