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Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Second of my Tarot illustrations for Illustration 2.

Still not sure if I'm happy with this one... but I keep tweaking it and I can't look at it any more. Comments appreciated.
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The wheel of fortune... in the tarot of the origin is it the time, the 10th card. I think Luxord will be happy.
Good job, I love it!
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Are you planning on completing a whole deck? This card is magnificent by the way.
SpaceTurtleStudios's avatar
Sadly, no. I might possibly finish all the major arcana, but even that is looking unlikely. I just don't have enough time for a whole deck.

Glad you like, though. :)
MythBusterFan1's avatar
Yeah your version of the wheel is incredible, If you ever make the Hermit, I'll definately be excited to see it. The Hermit is my all time favorite card.

Hopefully Time is kind to you and all your other works

Go well, and well met

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That's bloody gorgeous!
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Nice colors and cool design... though it would probably work better with relation to time at first glance, but I don't remember all that much about tarot cards...
SpaceTurtleStudios's avatar
The Wheel of Fortune is about Destiny and Fate, and about random changes that affect your life. When going with the space theme, I could think of no better image than a galaxy spinning in space as the 'wheel'. If you're talking about time and the ultimate fate of things, galaxies are pretty good for the symbolism, I think. After all, this is a massive structure of stars all spinning around the center of a super-massive black hole. All of them are constantly in motion. All of them will eventually be drawn in. That's kinda what I thought, anyway.
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Yeah, that makes sense. And after I posted taht comment I pulled out my sad, unloved tarot deck and looked. Don't know why I thought there was a card more specifically tied with time or space and after looking realized that it fit the Wheel pretty well.
Even discounting that it's still a really cool image lol.
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This is really beautiful; I love the colours :)
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This is beyond awesome! I love the dual themes again. Simply beautiful.
ShineTheFairy's avatar
I love the way you expressed the concept of time and space with that of a clock and galaxy spiraling behind it. The blending of colors is fantastic too.
SpaceTurtleStudios's avatar
Thank you! This was the image that started the idea in my mind, with a intricate clock overlaid on a spinning galaxy...
doyle0915's avatar
OMG this is amazing!
Wish I could paint like this. Simply fantastic.
TisJazzy's avatar
I really like these. The colors are striking, especially the pinks and purples on the gears.

Have you decided whether to do more?
SpaceTurtleStudios's avatar
I think I will. It will have to wait for summer, and it may be a little sporadic because I have a lot of things to do this summer, but I definitely want to work on it. :D
TisJazzy's avatar
Yay! I can't wait to see them. :D
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