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Spirit Island - Incapacitating Ailments

Today is the launch of the Spirit Island board game kickstarter, which means I can finally show off the work I did for the game last December. The focus of the game is on various elemental spirits that are attempting to scare off colonial forces and get them to leave the tropical island they're invading. Each spirit has four main effect/ability cards. I illustrated the spirit "Mists Carry a Silent Fate" and this is one of its abilities -- "Incapacitating Ailments." The idea was that poison mists would weaken and sicken the invaders, making them easier to fight off.

I'm not sure if this illustration made it into the game or not, but either way I had a great time working on the art. It was a chance to get to draw some more spooky material instead of my usual cute animals.

The kickstarter can be found here:…

I got to play a prototype of the game at Gen Con some time back and it looks like a lot of fun; I am really looking forward to playing the final version.
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