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Prepare for a spacewalk astronauts. Don't forget you spacesuit, it's a little chilly in the vacuum of space. This group is dedicated to artworks and designs of spacesuits in real life, or any fiction genre, in any art style.
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Rules of Submission

1. Must be some form of clothing that is used for being in the vacuum of space, or on a planet with a hostile atmosphere.

2. No journals or stories. (If the story has a photo then it's acceptable.)

3. No posting in the Featured folder.

4. If your artwork was denied, post politely in the comments the link to the artwork and we'll explain why it was denied. Normally it's because it was in the wrong folder.

5. If you have any questions about submission, please post a comment and let us know.

6. No screenshots from copyrighted media. (Seriously, the channel watermark is a dead giveaway.) Vectors count as screenshots.

Gallery descriptions:

Bulky: This folder is for spacesuit designs that are fat in nature, such as the spacesuits used by NASA in real life.

Bubble Helmets: Anything that has a bubble helmet. If it's a space pic with the character wearing a bubble helmet but no spacesuit, or the suit doesn't fit the requirements of the Retro Pulp Spacesuit folder, this is where it goes.

Fullboy Formfitting: This is for spacesuits that are skintight, or fetish designed.

Sci-Fi Designs: For spacesuits that look robotic or armory.

Anime Designs: For spacesuits from anime.

TV Movie Designs: For spacesuits from television, movies, or comics. (Ex: The spacesuits from Alien, or the new Star Trek movies.)

Video Game Spacesuits: Either A) a spacesuit from a videogame, or B) a character from a video game wearing a spacesuit.

Retro Pulp Spacesuits: Spacesuit designs from old 50s sci fi.

Helmetless Spacesuits: This is for submissions of spacesuits that don't have helmets for them, general space wear, or undersuits for spacesuits.

Other: This is for cartoonish bizarre silly designs, or if the submission doesn't match any of the other characteristics.

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Atomicspace 0021 by rendercomics
Fragile beauty by Prywinko
Peach Space Land Outfit by RockmanGurl
Krystal Space Suit Peril by chow11

Mature Content

Zelda and Daisy's Suit Sneezes! (1/2) by Yuna-Mere

Mature Content

Zelda and Daisy's Suit Sneezes! (2/2) by Yuna-Mere

Mature Content

Y E A H by ancalime1
Mia by ancalime1
Advanced Designs
Starting Up The System by Buaya-kun
Jade preparing an EVA by Jadago-Art
Critical incident by Jadago-Art
Celestia's Journey - Chapter 2 by Jadago-Art
Fetish Spacesuits

Mature Content

Private Time II by Alczak
Sweet Revenge: Getting Even With You by Buaya-kun

Mature Content

Space Patrol Suit Design Three Variants by 666markofthebeast666
AMONG US 6 by 666markofthebeast666
Bubble Helmets

Mature Content

Gira cover 3 by CrimsonLantern11
[SOLD] Adoptable #06 - Auction by Curvilines
Hostage on a Ship 2 by TextheEnchilada
Hostage on a Ship 3 by TextheEnchilada
Anime Designs

Mature Content

Mobile Suit Psychic Overdrive 2 (DS Redux Preview) by jarloworks
Heartfilia flies with a MMU by Rapper1996
Heartfilia MacPoodle 40 by Rapper1996
Android 21's Inflatable Capsule Corp Space Suit by ShawnyBoyMaker
Television Movies
SAI: Chris defend Cosmo by cmara
Eagle Interceptor by SciFiZone
LightPyr Crash (Commission) by Jo3mm
Pyrrha Lightyear by Jo3mm
Video Game Characters
New Planet, New Problems by TextheEnchilada
Iori and the Satellite - Color Commission by The-Sakura-Samurai
Nebula Accel (Fallout OC Commission) by Jo3mm
Astrogirls 3 by psfjohann
Bodysuit Helmetless
Flight Surgeon Tabletop by Alczak
Staying up late with Celestia by Jadago-Art
Jade's Greetings from Mars by Jadago-Art
Jade does not Approve by Jadago-Art
Retro Pulp Spacesuits
Headgear concepts by Plaguedoctor5

Mature Content

MARS by FransMensinkArtist
Deepey and Friends by CheeckyBrush
Cave tentacles by Mashvim
Space Mermaids Redrawn by Ccjay25
Mascot Contest
Margot the Maskot by m0n0cr0me

Mature Content

Astronaut Aries ApolloA7LB SpaceSuit by rubberaries
+ Commission + by HASHllYAN
Faumea, SSB's tropical space girl
Faumea - SSB Mascot Contest by Chobittsu-Studios
Cassi, SSB's brave space explorer
Cassi in the Deep End! by Twogadia
Helmet Only

Mature Content

Kara Lebinov - Starship Trooper 1.3 by st-stiefel
Cute Spacesuits
Alan's Big Dream (Alt. Version) by ZhmieXD
Rocket Girls Art Jam
The Moon Shot by JDogindy
Retro Scifi Spacesuit Art Jam 2017
Retro spacegirl in tentacle trouble (2017) by jarloworks
50th Anniversary Moon Landing Art Jam
Sue and Toroko in Space|Commission by SCrophopper


It's All Disco? by DukeWaxeye It's All Disco? :icondukewaxeye:DukeWaxeye 16 0 Greaesen and Kaeleen 3/4 Character Sheet by DukeWaxeye Greaesen and Kaeleen 3/4 Character Sheet :icondukewaxeye:DukeWaxeye 9 3 Irina by DukeWaxeye Irina :icondukewaxeye:DukeWaxeye 20 2 Milly by DukeWaxeye Milly :icondukewaxeye:DukeWaxeye 13 0 NomelGoGo by DukeWaxeye NomelGoGo :icondukewaxeye:DukeWaxeye 20 0 Female Astronaut floats in space by PrimalLightsArtist Female Astronaut floats in space :iconprimallightsartist:PrimalLightsArtist 20 0 Space-girl-pinup-with-et by ssmontgo Space-girl-pinup-with-et :iconssmontgo:ssmontgo 9 1 Spaced Out by CosmicB23 Spaced Out :iconcosmicb23:CosmicB23 8 2 Space cab 2 aka Luna Starlight by michaelharris Space cab 2 aka Luna Starlight :iconmichaelharris:michaelharris 12 3 erin 'ray gun' gray by skroowtape erin 'ray gun' gray :iconskroowtape:skroowtape 20 4 Umi and Woo by RuuRuu-Chan Umi and Woo :iconruuruu-chan:RuuRuu-Chan 26 14 Better Space-Gal Pencils by yomark
Mature content
Better Space-Gal Pencils :iconyomark:yomark 29 5
SpaceGal 1 by yomark
Mature content
SpaceGal 1 :iconyomark:yomark 5 0
SpaceGal 2 by yomark
Mature content
SpaceGal 2 :iconyomark:yomark 2 0
Vix Stardust jpeg by yomark Vix Stardust jpeg :iconyomark:yomark 6 2 A Space Gal by yomark A Space Gal :iconyomark:yomark 5 0

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Happy 4th of July everyone. I have a special announcement to make. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the legendary mission to the Moon in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their iconic first steps as the first men on the Moon. To celebrate this achievement for mankind, I am announcing for one month, the Moon Landing Art Jam!

Here are the rules:

1. Art must be made on or after July 5th
2. Art can be whatever you want so long as it involves the Moon in some way
3. Each artwork needs at least one character and they be in a spacesuit. The spacesuit can be any design you so desire, just so long as they're in a spacesuit
4. There is no submission limit. Submit as many times as you want.
5. Post your submission in the comments and link to this journal in your submission's description.
6. It's for fun, so enjoy yourself!
7. Deadline is August 9th. You have until then to send your submissions.


Moon Jamper by Mashvim

Mature Content

Apollo Bunnies (Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo 11) by Dr-Scaphandre
:thumb805968294: Celebrating Apollo 11 by murphase2 Come Up and See Me Sometime by EthereaS Noah's Lunar Exploration by Sapphire1X7 Man on the Moon by donnaDomenitzo Woman on The Moon by donnaDomenitzo 50th In Mare Traquillitatis by Cosmos-1999 50th In Mare Traquillitatis (only art) by Cosmos-1999 Moon landing by Magneum The Space Kids : Apollo Anniv. Mission, Circa 2038 by ZhmieXD 4 4 2 by Speedy-08 Dottie Coyote, Pink Side of the Moon by mreiof Vixen on the Moon by jrh150482 Vixen on the Moon - Close-up by jrh150482 50 years later for Man on the Moon.. by DarkCatTheKhajjit CE: SkyexSonia - Couples on the Moon by DarkCatTheKhajjit
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