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skyline: words out there1

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the first release from the words.out.there project.

Photography by iworm ( [link] ). Post processing and words by me.

I also have individual, high res versions of each of these frames should anyone wish to use them as their desktop background or whatnot.

VISIT! : [link]
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OMG! This one is so AWESOME! :) Great pic series with so fitting words!

Btw have you just scanned these three pics from the film directly or is it some after editing? :D And what about the red colours? :o I've got myself a Canon T90 just a couple of weeks ago and it would be very nice to know. :) And do u scan all your photos from the developed film directly or do u develop the film first to paper pics and then? Thanks!
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Scanned directly from the negative (especially here, where the sprocket holes are visible).

Usually don't after-edit film pics for the sake of PURITY and UNIQUENESS and all that bs, but here there was some after-editing involved.

Good luck with your photo adventures :O
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Okay, very cool! :)

Thanks, just bought myself a Canon 50/1.4 and 135/2.8 so I can get started. :D
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Ooooo! Nice, very nice :D

I have a Canon (FD) 50mm f/1.4 myself. Nice lense.
but a 135 f/2.8? Dayumm that's svelte.
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The 50mm is very nice with the f/1.4! Btw are these pics taken with it? :)

But YESSS, the 135 is totally my favorite now when I've been taking photos all day yesterday! :D Just gotta love the working distance and the f/2.8. And what's even better, I got them both with just only 80 euros! :D

I'm gonna add some photos here just when I get them developed and scanned. :) I hope the first film ever for me has successfulled and not overexposed or something. :/ Talk to u soon! :)
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A few of em'
such as:

I still have a bunch of film to get developed though.

Whoa! sweet deal!
Can't wait to see.
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Yeh, I'm just thinking what kind of a film scanning equipment would be good for me and at the same time affortable. :D Have to get some Kodak Portra 160s too. :)
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I've got a ghetto Epson Perfection 1250. Old, but works.
From what I hear, the newer Epson's are supposed to pretty sweet, like, the V1500's (i think that's what they're called) - so that'd probably be my recommendation.

mmmm portra... probably my favorite color film. velvia is awesome too, though.

i've actually got two rolls of portra (120) to develop... 160NC and 160VC... can't wait to see what you get. We can compare :O
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Incredible, mon cher~ Gotta love it~
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