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IT'S HERE!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS!!! I've already learned a lot just from making this page, so I can't wait to do more!! And I know this page is a little short, they'll probably get longer with time lmao
Also allow me to introduce some Good Boys

Axel Barnes | 15 | he/him
SPECIES: Rowlet (lv. 5)
ABILITY: Overgrow
NATURE: Brave; Strong willed
DOB: May 12th

Simon Barnes | 38 | he/him
SPECIES: Kantonian-Meowth
NATURE: Docile; Scatters things often

- Axel has ADHD! Just a note to explain why he is the way that he is
- The lady in the picture is his mom
- Simon is Axel's step-dad!
- POKEBALL is a sporting goods company! They make a lot of water-bottles, backpacks, shoes, all that stuff. They also made balls that look like pokeballs!

Champion's Mercy Tumblr uwu
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yknow i'm such a sucker for characters with interesting faces: moles, skin spots, etc

it adds some diversity, yknow? anyway that's a real roundabout way to say i like simon and axels designs

I can't wait to see more of this!