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vilkas is rather difficult to draw
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So handsome! Great job! I love the colors. :heart:
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So handsome. Well done. :) (Smile) 
I prefer Farkas, to be honest...
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everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Even if their wrong Wink/Razz (i'm just messing with you,Hug  both boys are great in their own way)
That being said great job on the piece, there's my boy!
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This is really good!!! :)
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Ahhh Vilkas Heart Heart Heart Heart  Can't wait to get the Amulet of Mara so I can marry him lol XD Amazing art, you have such a cool style! 
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Hehe Vilkas is a bae. A grumpy bae xD Thank you!
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Haha, a grumpy, magic-disliking (seriously tho y everyone hating on magic users in this game Stare  XD), but surprisingly sweet bae XD No prob~  
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Absolutely brilliant work! :D
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Ah Vilkas... the only one in the group to go "OH FFS" when you wanted to join the Companions. :D
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Yepp haha! God he was such a jerk. He's so sweet once you marry him though haha
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Excellent work!
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hehe so cool! you did his face very well. all the shadows look pretty good and you did his eyes very very well! awesome pic!
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