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I have a comic. Or better I and Migirik have comic, one we've been calling Tirn Aill (Celtic for 'the other world' (meaning fairy world) which seemed suitable as it's about both elves and a different planet). We wrote it together, designed it together, drew for it together, though I did the inking and everything that came after it.
One way or another we'd been working on TA since we were young teens and eventually we managed to get halfway part 4 of our story (to be 8 parts, each part containing 36 pages), plus a prequel sort of story of 48 pages I and Tamara-Hawk concocted, before it all came to a grinding halt.

We've always had our problems with Tirn Aill, my friend having a very busy life, first with medical school, then the job and now she's even married, has a young child and has emigrated, which does kinda make meeting up for an afternoon quite impossible rather than the incredibly tricky it was before.
For me it was more internal factors that stopped me from having a good work ethic when the comic was concerned. Truth be told, more often than not I simply didn't really like working on the actual pages. I loved the writing of the story and planning of the lay-out and coming up with the jokes. I had no problem with the drawing part of it, nor the scanning, editing and making the lot ready for uploading (something we started with a little after the turn of the century). It was most of all the inking that bothered me (there were other factors but I could say inking was the main one). I (we) always envisioned the comic to be in colour but due to lack of time we kept things black and white so we could update regularly and that meant making more of the inking than I felt comfortable with. My strength has always been colour plus my way of inking (with pens) is quite tough on my hand. Two reasons to kinda dislike that task.

But I will admit, it hasn't set well with me, the halting of our comic. While my DeviantART gallery does show I have been productive with many different things over the last few years, the comic has always been nagging at me in the back of my head. I just didn't really know what to do about it. Until I started doing those ATCs this summer. It really brought back to me the fun I'd always felt when working with markers and I even extended my sets with quite a few new colours (I have both Letraset Pantone markers as their new Promakers plus markers by Copic). I also like how with ATCs I just worked on one small picture at the time, sketching it, giving it a thin ink line, colouring it and fattening up the ink line (as that has become part of my style), before going on to the next one. It just lacks the monotony I feel with large pieces only done in ink, like the comic pages. And that made me wonder, what if I do the pages just like those ATCs?

As it happens, part 1 of the story only contains my artwork (part 2 is mostly by Migirik and after that our characters come together and it's about 50%-50%) so I can easily redo this part without needing my friend for it and redoing is what I really want to do. It has taken me a long time to finish that part way back when so there is a lot of inconsistency in it besides the lack of colour. Looking at it afresh I also see things in the storytelling that could be better, more clear and fluid or just interesting. So I've made the decision to indeed redo part one (and so far I'm enjoying myself) and also to post those pages here (as the website could do with a make-over as well) together with links to the old pages for comparison. For now I haven't set myself a deadline (working in colour isn't exactly fast, though I do eliminate quite a bit of ink work), just a promise to work on it every week and every day if I can manage it (be it half a page or just one panel, or the scanning and editing of finished pages as I have been doing for the past couple of evenings), and I want to update the pages whenever a scene is finished, that just seems right to me.

So, that is one thing you can expect from me, art wise, for the next period :)
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Migirik Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
you should continue :)
I hate to see our artwork gone to waste.
spaceship505 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
I will continue, I promise. I have been very very busy lately with my bedroom slash working area (tidied it Konmari style (thrown so much away) and then reorganised it and redecorated it (see LJ of my Instagram)), you wouldn't recognise it! But now I have time and space (in my head included, the mess was dragging me down) for creative things again and the best part, I know where everything is now ;)
Tamara-Hawk Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
I love seeing the new pages ^^ I'm glad you picked this up again!
spaceship505 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
So am I, I only wish I could work faster so I could show the pages faster ;)

But seriously, I'm definitely feeling the difference between this working method and the previous one, I'm actually having more fun this way, ensuring myself that I will be able to keep it up. Plus I really do believe things look better :)
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October 17, 2013