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So I jumped on that bandwagon called ATCs. I don't know how much of a hobby I going to make it as I have plenty of other stuff I like to do, provided I'm not in one of my creative slumps (plus if I'm in the mood I tend to have phases; I can really get into something but I will always become bored after a while so then I have to start something else and so on and so on). But most of my projects tend to be on the big side and I feel these ATCs is a great way of doing something small that can be finished in a relatively short time and that doesn't need so much material (1 piece of paper, drawing and colouring tools plus my computer for references and my computer space is also my drawing space AND my "home theatre space" so I can just do these where I was sitting anyway).

As I couldn't really come up with anything on the top of my head I decided to just draw from nature then and I started with my leopard gecko. Even though my amount of photos of him are nowhere near as much as say my dogs or cat so I actually went on and used some stuff I found online as well.
Either way I have a nice little collection of 6 now and 4 more to come (see my scrapbook for the sketches of those…) and after that I'm gonna choose a different subject (my sister's late chameleon :D).

Now ATC stands for Artist TRADING Card so yeah, I guess I should trade them, I just need to read up a little more on the dos and don'ts and probably join some groups here. I'm an ATC newbie still. Either way, apart from ATC - Leopard gecko 1 all are available at this point in time so if you like a card you can always say 'yo!' and give me a link to your work to see if it appeals to me.
afke11 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As far as I know, the only DON'T there is = not sending out your card while you promised. ;) Other stuff is just about what you and your trading partner agree on.
spaceship505 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Yeah, I guess it's really about joining some groups now, get started somewhere :)
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Submitted on
March 23, 2013