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I'm an artist hoping to one day make a name for myself (don't we all).

Besides drawing, my main passions are writing (for my shared comic project Tirn Aill (see, working with polymer clay and photography.

Current Residence: Rotterdam - NL
Oh my gosh, I got a DD on my veiltail tealight glass. Always knew goldfish were lucky :D Thank you to everyone who is adding my work to their favourites. I appreciate it very much :)

Setting up a new line... for fish

Setting up a new line... for fish

I have been quiet these last few months huh. I have been quite busy with all sorts of things, part of which are new artworks. I'm planning a photo shoot soon so expect lots of new things in the weeks to come :) And in the mean time, I've created a Instragram account just to posts works in progress :D One of the things I'm working on is aquarium decorations. So I have this aquarium for years already and for quite some time I thought it would be neat to make my own decorations for it, cause let's face it, what you see in the stores is kinda generic. The only thing stopping me was the fact that no one seems to have any experience in aquarium d

Still alive

Still alive

I have in fact been busy with my clay again these past few weeks. As I really want to start selling my stuff I need to get the pictures just right for a webshop, which is why I haven't submitted anything yet. But things are coming, I promise :)

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Happy Birthday! :D (Big Grin) Party Have your cake and eat it too Party :D (Big Grin)

Belated thank you :D

Happy Birthday, hope you get lots of gifs, a good cake and the most important past it with your family and friends :)
I'm sorry, I haven't been on DA a lot lately and missed your message. Thank you. And yes, I had the gifts and time with family/friends and great cake (as I made that myself ;) ).
you are welcome ^-^

Ow this sound great and delicious
Happy Birthday! :D (Big Grin) Party Have your cake and eat it too Party :D (Big Grin)