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My profile for Haun for the OC tournament. The images where hand-drawn and then cropped and moved onto the template with the help of my sister Lori. ( :iconstarshipdelta: ) .

Disclaimer: The concept for the tournament belongs to Marvel. Haun belongs to me.
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It's a great chara :)
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Awww, he's adorable! I look forward to seeing more of his awkward social interactions ;) Lol, for some reason all I can imagine is Sheldon from Big Bang Theory... But I can't imagine Haun being on nearly the same level...
Man, I wish I had that power some days.. Specially when I forget to charge my cell phone...
Looks great! I love his facial expression :)
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Thanks!^^ The next comic is getting drawn up (first page is drawn and the thumbnails are almost done).

I actually haven't seen any of the "Big Bang Theory", what's it about?

Heh...the powers are actually an exaggerated version of something that I actually do. I drain batteries like crazy...>>
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Can't wait to see more of Haun! :)
(Sorry I'm super lame at replying to my replies... )

Big Bang Theory is a half hour comedy show, focussed on the lives of four scientist super genius types. The guys are friends, completely socially awkward and are huge comic/sci-fi/fantasy nerds as well. It's amazing. And hilarious. :)

Lol, I don't have a problem with draining batteries... unless I leave my ipod turned on (which happens a lot). But I have a problem with losing batteries...
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Hey roomie! This is going to be fun. :D
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Hello roomie yourself^^ We'll have to figure out who gets bunk beds and who scores with the single bed =P
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Lol...I don't think Amp really cares as long as it's not the top. :XD:
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I guess Haun'll be on the top bunk since he's the shortest and, most likely, the lightest =P I spent years on a top bunk, mostly thanks to those credentials =P
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Haha, that had to be fun.

Yeah, Amp just had a bad experience as a kid with bunkbeds. xD
Spaceroses's avatar was...

Let me guess...he fell out of it?
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Yes. And broke his arm. :XD:
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Owie >.O

And thanks for the fave!
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Nice character, good luck in the tounrament!
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*Squee!* Another vertically challenged (:giggle:) guy!
If Ian and Haun were really in the show, I could see them hanging out together.

Man, I'm totally regretting not putting more into Ians' profile (I know I said
that already elsewhere, but I am.) His personlity doesn't sound as developed as
the other characters.

Okay, enough whining. You did a great job with Haun! (pronouced Hahn, right?)
He's actually flawed and his power is unique and not even offensive, that is surprising.
You did a good job!
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Well in our comics we can make them hang out if they wind up on the same teams ^^ We'll have to see how that pans out for us.

And don't worry, his personality will come through in time. OCs can take a while to develop, I've got some that have taken several years to fully solidify. Is Ian your first OC?

And yeah, you got the pronunciation right. I was angling for a power that he couldn't hurt people with, that's why I gave him the akido belt.

Thanks for the awesome comment!
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Oh, Ian is far, far from my first OC! I had a ton of X-Men OCs when I first got into it, and before that I was making wayyyy too many Sailor Moon OCs! So, I have lots of experience in coming up with original characters. All my firsts were probably Mary sues, but that's a problem a lot of people have. (I specifically remember making a pink furred young girl that resembled Kurt. *shudders*)

Ian did have a personality when I first created him, but it was heavily based on him being sarcastic. Now he's just a nice guy, kind of like a male Kitty, I guess.
(Weird.) I filled out his profile more in the artist comments, so he seems a little better now. I think I'm just not on my game this week. >_< Looks like I need to add even more to it. He sounds boring to me! Arrgh! [link]
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Heh, yeah the Mary Sue curse gets all of us. My first Oc was a Legomance (Legolas romance). Yeaaah...dark day in the creating world.

Hmm...maybe put a bit more of his sarcasm back in? Even the nicest characters in the world have traits that aren't super-nice. I'm not saying he has to have snarky comebacks to everything...maybe it's almost more of a morbid sense of humor. Like...making jokes at less-then-humorous moments as a way to deal with it? Hope this helps you out a little.
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That's a great power!
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Actually it's an exaggerated take on something that I can do. I tend to drain batteries in things. I first learned that I did that when I was 12 and my wrist-watch kept dying. I can drain a watch battery in an afternoon. =P
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Does his powers have any benefits? I know he can't discharge it but does absorbing the battery power give him more energy or strength?
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I think it energizes him a bit. It can give him a bit of a buzz I guess, and sending the power into something can exhaust him for a short amount of time. I hope this helps ^^
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