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  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

12 years ,daaaang
  • What does your username mean?

Noting ... no really. 
  • Describe yourself in three words.

Android from mars 
  • Are you left or right handed?

Right, but its ok, my left is equally rubbish.  
  • What was your first deviation?

I can't find it, but it was a halfdragon girl with a lizard ish pet sitting on a rock in the Savana. The whole thing was random and had no purpose other than practice.
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

Story based illustration 
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Something painty with no lines
  • What was your first favourite?

I have no clue, I wasn't keen on keeping my old account. 
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Dragons, furries and characters
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

I don't really have '1' I usually have a few


:iconliveammo:  it does not end here by liveAmmo  the knowledgeable hasbeens by liveAmmo

:iconsynderen:  Bethlehem Wall III by synderen  Here by synderen
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

I'v had the pleasure to have met over a dozen of awesome Deviants, but me and :iconrecklessjack: seriously need to get together, I'd say 'and make Camden Market unsafe' but knowing me and my social awkward level 'maximum capacity' , I'll leave the trolling to him :U . 
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

That's personal.
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

Digital, so tablets n stuff. Currently a fancy screen tablet by Ugee the 1910B. Clip Studio (Manga Studio 5) and several 3D packages. 
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? 

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Pretty much everything Hetherev related C8 


FAQ thing I'll put here because my page gets ridiculously long otherwise. 

who da fuck are you  ?
old meme obviously

art trades ?
no, please don't ask.

Can I commission you ?

I'v send you a note but you won't answer
I'm kinda past the age of 'let me put time in this pointless bullshit' . If your note is drama baiting,reaching, hatemail, arguments for the sake of having an argument or asking for free stuff then consider yourself lucky that I'm ignoring it.

Can I join Niur ?
Probably not, its a closed group. And anything but active atm anyway.

Can I join Hetherev ?
Yup, go and apply !

Self taught  ?
I'm gonna say yes because noting you'll see here is thought in schools.

I'v done 2 years of animation without really learning much new at all. (besides animation, but in drawing ,eeh minimal )

I'v done a few months of Illustration but that's sure ... a bad idea in Belgium. Most schools here are very much made to get you in the 'artsy fartsy' industry. Rather a misleading name calling the course Illustration what I'v always seen as 'illustrating an idea or story' there it was more like 'lets see how much of a next piccaso everyone is' while trowing the computer out of the window.

Needles to say, I did not agree with their standpoints and for a school that advertises in being 'up to date' with the illustration industry that pretty much showed they where anything but up to date at all.

can you teach me how to draw ?
eeeh no ?
I tend to dislike the 'Chris Hart' way of 'follow these circles and it'll make a drawing.'

If you want to learn how to draw, then learn to draw, not copy what other people have made without the actual knowledge behind it.

Art is about knowledge and I'll glady point you to a few gentlemen who have helped me greatly.

Sycra ; Sycra is ,besides a great artist, someone who likes to know the things behind art. Besides having great art tutorials on YT you really should chek out his streams with Bob Meatbag where they talk about art and the 'truth' about it.
videos ;

Sycra also features a video that might just save your sanity if you're a beginning artist,or stuck in a rut.

What is talent?

this guy is awesome, professional ways to practice and paint, go see.

Will Terrel
not exactly tutorials, but great advice in general all over his 'Sketching People' series.…

Chris Oathley
Great podcast's and advice, also hosts several online painting classes.

tablet or mouse ?
stop drawing with a mouse its bad for your wrist, seriously.
Wacom intuos 4
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needless to say, a year later and no new works to be seen. Do I even have to explain why I'm not even remotely doubtful of who this is, or better, who this isn't :lol:
  • Listening to: Itunes radio
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: Don't Starve
  • Eating: chiiiiips
  • Drinking: beer
that keeps returning.

june 21;  only one account was reported (artmhv )directly to a mod, mod would like to share 3 accounts in total have been (again) IP blocked
June 23; I don't get how these are a 'day' old but the fraud got very mad at me… and got stuck with an auto Ban 

Thanks everyone, looks like we finally got the right mod at the right moment!  I'll leave this here, tho it will not be on my main page. Some comments have info thats way to valuable to be lost in cyberspace

IF YOU FIND HIM NOTE ME, we believe that he's online 24/7, note me ,do not make it public by commenting on this journal or I won't be able to screepcap before he flees. (only if hes on DA tyvm)
I'm well aware hes still trying his shit on Facebook ( ) but thats not my deal. 

Howdy people, nice to meet you, I'm Space, I'm 27 and I work in retail. I draw for a hobby, or actually I RP and then I draw :lol:
But actually, the reason I'm calling this out in public is because it's getting crazy and DA is not being a helping hand; if DA can't do it, then maybe we all can.

You see a few months ago, I stumbled upon a all day round art thief ,his account was EA-Studio No biggy I though, I reported him and so did many others. It was a mere collection of official game art, some of these people were on DA so it went down fast, cant pinpoint wether is was done by DA or by himself. We suspect most of the time he'll 'ban-evade' by nuking the account and making a new one.

But then there was TomHelen and James-Warren suspiciously adding works to groups, great works, brand new accounts … and actually works you might even have known. I was also banned from both their pages while never have met these people before.

Now, a friend of mine left a comment on TOM HELEN to ask if he was JAMES WARREN (probably because the art was similar) and this is the response, notice the name;…
y … eaaaah well done …

The TomHelen account stood no chance of survival as the original artist had been mailed, so it went poof. Or at least I used to think DA would fix this is the real artists mailed em, but in reality it was just the fraud shutting down the account.…

'James Warren' realizing he ruined his grand plan, quickly deactivated. Since CG_Society don't 'dance around the table' as we say here, they were very fast and clean in clearing out his so called portfolio…

A few days later he arrived again, this time claiming to be chenkai010 on, I kid you not ,
chenkai013 yes, Chenkai013 …. wow, how … original.
After the real artists called him out he got aggressive, blocked Chenkai and kept claiming he was the real artist. It didn't end well with that account, thanks to the artists being on DA with his works and protecting his art.
image for the screenshot lovers…

It would have been nice if that would be the end but no, this only marked the beginning of this guy mocking real artists. Since we know he's Russian, he has access to foreign artist who are near impossible to reach. He took full advantage of this by faking to be Artem Horchev, a wonderful Russian concept artist, who is a real tough nut to contact - actually you can't, all his e-mails are dead, the only site that we believe to be really his is this one… .
Because of this he managed to live rather long on horchevartem.  However after he became publically abusive towards several artists, DA finally took action and removed him and all his puppet accounts. But this fraudster wasn't out of options… or out of fake accounts.

He also managed to become Co-founder of a group who I will not name for their sake of privacy (it's not their fault I mean come on, he fooled so many people, he's a pro at this by now - people hand out subs and points for him ).
The group kept asking for proof that he drew the images, what he could not provide, he had to step down or get kicked out, he chose to not loose his ego by stepping down.

DA also banned BrenochAdams where he was trying to come off as Brenoch (SS… ), Sadly enough this went too slow to my liking, even with Bren reporting it on DA itself,noting happened for 2 weeks. Yes its true THE Brenoch Adams does have a DA and DA just faffed about. I'm guessing it's a new account he made, and DA probably doesn't believe its him even tho they enforce artists to do this by their (pardon me) stupid rule that you have to be the real artist to report works. If you keep reading you'll notice he's getting as tired of this person as we all are. Because FakeBren returns, repeatedly pretending to be Brenoch Adams!

On a different role, we also found older accounts, like 12345677888 (account name changed SS from who he was before change… )where he once again rather successfully fooled people he was MoroZoff from . Again he had been subbed (sadly enough by the same person who gave him a sub on the Artem account, meaning she lost money for 2 subs on a fraud )
Moro however knew of this imposer, and posted a warning on his blog forcing the fraud to make a spoof LJ to redirect people to. The link is over here. I'm not Russian, so I use google translate…
After making it public on the LJ I use to keep track of him, the account went down most possebly because he took it down himself. But its rather sad that it had to be on the LJ before anything happened, from what I can make out Moro has a DA but only uses it to look at art,I suspect hes not posting works thus again the reason might be DA mods not believing its really him and letting the fraudster carry on.

Then End ? Eeeeeeeh not likely, I did say older accounts, not account. Meet NAHOM1 ,this account is 2 years old, very active, and features nothing but slightly photoshoped digital art, and a few filtered photos (that are not his), where he adds a black border, or a thing to make it a wallpaper and links back to a 'theme' . While the approach is different its still the same person in core doing the exact same thing ; misleading people he made the art. This one is just a tad more weird, because it might be legal, but is it moral ? Take at look at the comments, I know people can be fooled but this is going haywire.…, sometimes he even works away the artist watermark.…

And sometimes, no edits have been made at all but crop out the watermarks……

or not even that…

Well maybe he … eh never mind…

But moreso ,he acts like he actually made the whole image, claiming he has permission, setting the link in the smallest font he can manage and responding only to people with 'thank you' instead of telling them to check out the REAL artist.

This has already set off an artist, I asked Mef if Nahom actually asked for permission, I must say the answer was interesting, and one to expect ;…

I think we can relate to his feelings really…

Honestly there is no reason to type on because I can't put it better then AFineWar did when it comes to the Nahom1 account…

And for shits and giggles, lets have a look at his wallaper account, an account we assume he uses to grab art from and upload it to DA, as you can see, nothing is actually uploaded by him, he merly faves and then then uses some of those

edit: Nahom blocked us from looking at his favorite wallpapers This was expected to be happening, fear not ! For the power of Chrome plugins, I present to you all of his pages on IMGUR ,use the Gear (top right of the image ) to watch them in full size

how it works, well I guess something like this ?…
so … again this isn't even an edit, its a reupload of an edit someone else has made.

How did he get the works ? Don't know, maybe he commissions people, maybe he talks people into doing manips for him ,then you could get something like this where he leaves of watermarks and does the usual 'hurr durr '……

I wish I could end with this but nope, it's not over, remember when he faked to be Bren? Well I guess he was out of inspiration
Mailed Bren again and he is getting tired of being stolen from by the looks of his response…
It gets even more hilarious when he tries to point out Bren as being the actual fake, much alike to how he attacked Chenkai…

Gets even more fun if you know I contacted help desk and I'm getting the usual droned out 'you're not the artist, you can't do anything' while I know Bren has send a complain.
Also on that account he blocks people who he had words with (well words he finds offensive, like asking for WIPs or proof.)…

Now, I know what people are going to think 'I'v seen worse then Nahom, hes just a harmless editor" Yeah Nahom isn't the worse, its the most obvious tho. He can't confuse people when he is trying to be himself and doesn't has to leave 'I am artist really' comments making it confusing for everyone who did not mail the real artist about the DA account.  

edit; however lets look at the works he didn't edit, and just focus on plain art theft, these images are all over the internet, I can't find the source. Maybe you can,if so, awesome, let the artist know for me will ya !  

WoW Wallpaper most probably made at Blizzard, artist unfindable… (SS + non DA watermarked… )

this isn't his (well actually nothing in his gallery is his but you get the point)…
(SS + non DA watermarked… )

The tatoo girl, seems to be a very loved and famous picture, again all over the web…
( SS… )

Metal skull music wallpaper…
(SS + non watermarked and wallpaper)…

skull with red detail wallpaper…
(SS + non watermarked and Wallpaper)…

Headphone skull…
(SS + non watermarked and Wallpaper)…

Please look at the bigger picture, its not about Nahom, its about everyone he tried and tries to be. Every time we shut him down he goes at it again, he's like a kleptomaniac in a store full of wallets and when someone taps him on the fingers he merely changes clothes and walks back in the building to continue robbing people.

EA-Studio (faking to be official game artist, just all of them)
TomHelen (faking to be  -fill me in I forgot D: )
James-Warren ( faking to be game artists and Chenkai if I'm not mistaking)
chenkai013 (faking to be  chenkai010 )
horchevartem ( faking to be Artem Horchev )
BrenochAdams (faking to be Bnoch)
12345677888 (formerly known as c-r-a-z-y-x , faking to be MoroZoff from )
Brenoch (faking to be Bnoch)
A-R-T-E-M (hahah, ho lordy ...  I was late for this party faking to be Artem Horchev )
T-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-o-r (confirmed by… and… (faking to be Xavier Thomas, even took commission's ! )

people seem to be impressed by all his accounts ,so I'll add these as well. They where non popular accounts, deactivate while I was tracking.
Don-James… (various artist )
DanielVanR… (various artist )

and ofcourse
NAHOM1 (faking to be an editor, also posted official Blizz works, another MoroZoff ,all the works in this gallery seem to come from a wallpapersite )

Therealpickledswan ( a worthless spam account where he harrased people who knew Artem was a fraud with threats)…

And the award for the best reply goes toooooo…

and now for some FUN stuff, did I tell you he likes asspats ? I think I did, if you do something else then praise, like give constructive criticism, he'll lash out, lie about you like he lies about Mef being insulting and block you. He also likes people to feel sorry for him, when someone suspects him he'll write a whiny 'whoo poor me' journal in the hope his fans will attack the real artist, or the person who questions that what he does is legit. the only reason he has not linked to this journal is because he's scared.…

okay folks, I hope you had fun ,or are enraged enough to encourage this person to receive a full blown IP block. Or at least have DA put the name under a warning, that whenever he pops up, we can deal with him quickly instead of creating a comment war and getting the usual 'you are not the artist so we can't do anything' that only makes him write petty journals and fuels his poor poor ego.

Thanks for your attention. If you want want more screenshots and a worse layout feel free to go look at the archive, its a mess because thats what it is ; an archive.…

closed down accounts after first IP ban
June 2013 -> artmhv +2 unknown (screenshot of Artem…

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