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Rhan ref 2014 by spacerogue Rhan ref 2014 by spacerogue
This is a of 'follow up' not a reboot, all my Heth art has been stored for reason of 'holydamn this is ugly and old' so in RP he has not been setback to start position, but simply got a new ref.  
So yeah, hello I'm Space I'v been in Heth since its birth no HO MY, and this is my current character Rhan. I'm leaving out the armor because he probably won't use it much at all from now on. 

previous challenges (cuz yes I have 2 chars, sorry for being a pest @ mods )…………

He starts out neutral to any character, unless they physically wound him pretty nasty before meeting (aka a barfight won’t introduce a grudge, but attacking him with purpose of killing would ) Thers a chance to make it up but he holds grudges. 

Name: Rhan Triscott 
Age: 33 by now :u 
Species: Katranac (Albino) 
Original Livingplace: Coastal wasteland of Deseado, some fort he took in with brutal force from raiders with his team of oddballs. 
Presumed time of living; about 350 years after the bombs dropped in a civilsation close to that of ours mixed with the 1940’s in Germany 
Gender: male … agender ish 
Orientation: aromantic asexual (aka ;not interested in anything or anyone) 

Katranac (I usually say Katran, Katran is like saying 'human', Katranac is like saying 'Homo sapien' ): a humanoid kittycat (Siberian white tiger). Its not very visible except for his ears ,and if he shows them ,his teeth. In Heth his nails have grown back on his hand as well.. He shows rather feline behavior. Hearing is fine, smell/taste is kinda bothed up. His hair is also more fur like then a human and doesn’t grow in length .
He has a tail, but just like his ears it's mall devolped. 

Special abilities: Confusing people. Coming up with bad ideas. Getting lost and getting hurt. Can sense creatures of myth and legend. Regenerative abilities due the Bionic armor (heals up fast). Is gifted in thievery and technology. 

Currently able to function to full abileties. 

booze ,especially whisky . Stargazing. Observing people. Flying and traveling. Cold temperatures. Hunting things. Adrenaline. Fiddling around with technology. 
crowds, loud or pinch noises , being touched, getting stared at. Large bodies of water (hydrophobic) ,vegetables !

Rhan is mostly silent, despite this he is not a very calm person, and while he doesn't speak much at first, he can be a talkwatterfall when you get to know him. He is nervous and quick to get on his feet, he’ll do first and think later, and he usually thinks with a fighting temperament. Even if he’s a rather philosophic type (one of a rather pessimistic nature) He is not familiar with every human emotion out there and often finds humans interesting to observe. Actually he’s just not very emotional at all. This is not something he can learn. He is also very much a hermit and has little feeling for groups or ‘social business’ . 
Rhan isn’t all too good in accepting help, sometimes he is okay with it but often he’s just stubborn and tries to be as normal and independent as possible, like an animal hiding his woulds to not get picked on. Stranding on Hetherev with a busted mechanical arm, (that had to be removed because it became a burden) took a chunk out of his self esteem, He’ll often curse his body, or will blame himself if something goes wrong that might have remotely lead to this disability. Besides that, Rhan is a nice guy with a down to earth, but somewhat blunt approach, a bit of a gentleman towards woman. He appreciates friendships, and treasures friends, but not actively seeks them out. He doesn’t mind helping out anyone in need and will gladly reach out. Whether thers coin connected or not. 
Money still talks tho. And he has done les ethic things for it. 

Rhan is tall, and he’s white haha. What you’ll mostly notice is the red goggles, white hair, a couple of scars on his face, and Kobecan robes. Thers a round silver earing on his left ear. If ,for whatever reason, he’s not wearing his half cape you’ll definitely notice he’s missing an arm. But otherwise ,it might get missed by people less observant or passing by. 

Rhan is about as strong as the human male of his age and height/bodymass that works out , his main strength are his legs. But his real arm does posses the strength for 2 and his upperbody is slowly following, coming from a rather thin frame. He is more build for agility, and is faster then the average human in movements. Rhans’ able to take a severe beating without dyeing, even if he can look like hes on the edge, chance is insanely high he will get up again and join the fight, unless hes litterally falling in pieces. 

He was a successful Myth hunter in his old world.
Currently he makes a buck with thefts, both from small petty thefts to bigger jobs. 

History (heth related) 
*Myth hunter is all he somewhat remembers. 
*Knows he’s good with tech, has no clue on how to fix his own created cyborg parts. 
*He also knows he used to have someone walking along him, a small red haired woman. Making sure he didn’t do dumb things. 
*Rhan is affected by the Hetherev language magic, however he is unable to read or write any of the native languages, anything he writes himself is his own bastard German English from Erthas, its readable by characters that know German and English. 

*regained full memory, rather unpleasend thank you Jeager 
*Got a mechanical arm ! Desinged by Cornoctre (add link) 
*ruined all his friendships ahahaha 

*tries to fix shit
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Drak-Arts Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Nice job on the update, good sir. Lookin' great!
Shadow0Haven Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
What a beauty o:
wyrd66 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
I've always loved Rhan's design. I will definitely need to work him into one of my challenges somewhere.

Also, "Special abilities: Getting hurt" made me laugh.
spacerogue Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww thank you =O <3 

Ahahahaa yeaaaah hes one of those idiots I don't know how he does it, but hes good in it.
Oly-RRR Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
Aw, he sounds interesting! :D

Every time someone uploads new Heth-related stuff I remember I should work on Troy's challenges but all the time this week that wasn't eaten by work went towards canon material.
spacerogue Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe tx c: 

yeah same xI I swear i'm working on eeeet 
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