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Race PChainer experiments by spacerogue Race PChainer experiments by spacerogue
I'm a bit hesitant to post this on DA, last time I had a painting period for something like 2 years and I got incredibly booooooored by it as the whole process is at least 90% slower than my usual style.

Yeah he's also wearing other clothes, or rather the Cannon version will, as I mold this story back into a much more post apocalyptic landscape while I get the plot working, lord knows how many bricks I need to fix those plot holes.
He gets to keep his white getup for RP and non canon things, or just when I feel like it.

This actually went pretty fast, ok fine so I made use of PaintsChainer to have a colored base that cut out some time but in general just slapping some colors down would have not taken that long. If anything I have an IA to thank to inspire this style and I might make more of these without using Chainer at all. If you wish to see a little bit of a breakdown you can go here…
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May 25, 2017
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