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Tell me about your OCs

Tell me about your OCs

I had a brilliant idea today! I thought, "you know I don't know enough about other people's original characters and stories" so I want to hear :D Tell me about your original stories, your characters, something interesting in your world, whatever tickles your fancy! I have a few stories that I don't go into too much detail about but I'll go first to break the ice. This is Aina Cassidy! She is a Pashe'El, dragonkin, from my story Wandrian, that I know you all have heard of by now but don't know much about :) truth be told there isn't much to know on the surface! Aina's eyes are opalescent green with shimmering pink and she's only 4'11", or ab

Defending Cinderella or Feminism According To K.K

Defending Cinderella or Feminism According To K.K I wanted this video to make as much sense as Keira does.. Obviously!

Rayman Analysis Part 6: The Longest Shortcut


Rayman Analysis Part 6: The Longest Shortcut

Unfortunately, André got away, so now Rayman and Globox must change their quest goal to find Globox's son Andy! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-- Introduction Part 1 Part 5 The Beginning of the Shortcut The doctors explain that Reflux and André have stolen Gumsi's sceptre and are going to invoke the Leptys. So they've given us access to a "shortcut" that will allow us to "catch up" with them. The thing I'd like to point out is how Romeo says that Reflux and André will use the Leptys to gain "unimaginable powers," which makes me think two things: Since the Leptys grants a desire of the recipient, I believe that Reflux and André are using the Leptys to grant a desire that Rayman and Globox do not know about, hence it being unimaginable. I also find it cute, because that means that André and Reflux are imagining their future together. So maybe Rayman 3 really is their love story. Anyways, while Rayman had been busy collecting the crowns that were needed to open the door, Globox had been trying to

Rayman 3 Analysis Part 5: Desert of the Knaaren


Rayman 3 Analysis Part 5: Desert of the Knaaren

We've officially made it to the Desert of the Knaaren! Introduction Part 1 Part 4 Outside of the Tunnels Rayman and Globox are now in the Desert of the Knaaren. It appears as though there are some Hoodlums here, too. Finding another barren of Plum Juice, Globox chugs it and flies away. This place seems to be pretty dangerous: it's dry, it's got bones everywhere, and the blue fire reminds me of Minecraft's Nether update. This has to be one of the most jarring mood shifts in the game. We went from a calm-ish temple place with cool water to a dry desert with fire and bones. It keeps the game interesting, without being repetitive. Using the jarring mood shift too often can make the game seem chaotic, so seeing a game like Rayman 3 pull this off very well is a nice thing to see. One of the teensie cages that Rayman breaks open has two teensies, and they explain that Rayman will need to use the tunnels to cross the desert. This is because the sand is scorching hot. They also warn Rayman


Mutia's Earth Magic

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Born in the month of Topaz and year of the Sheep, art and creative writing has always been in my blood. The inspiration of working for Disney actually came from a non Disney-Ressiance film called Treasure Planet. And since then, I've been doing art concepts and writing stories not just for Treasure Planet, also my other stories as well.

I'm currently enrolled in a community college (not telling you where exactly, because stalkers might find me there...), studying mostly art and I will be taking writing and math sometime soon. And afterward, I might be taking Acting, more writing and fine arts and perhaps Dance Class.

I have won an Artbeat Festival Award in Spring 2011, which was minor, but still it's worth to remember. And at sometime I'll graudate from the communtiy college, I'll either attend an art instuitute or CALArts.

For now, I'm not sure. The first I'll need to do is to get my driver's licsence and getting a job.

Favourite Visual Artist
Glen Keane, the Nine Old Men, almost any animators now.
Favourite Movies
Treasure Planet, Tangled, Avatar, and Beauty and the Beast
Favourite TV Shows
Dharma and Greg, According to Jim and That 70's Show.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Celtic Woman, Andre Rieu, Point of Grace and maybe others...
Favourite Books
Charles Towne Belles Series, Return to Treasure Island
Favourite Writers
William Shakespheare, Gail Levine and M.L. Tydall
Favourite Games
Disney Scene IT Game, Rayman 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PC and Online
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, sketchbooks, paints...
Other Interests
Cartoons, books, ethic music, Fantasy stuff!

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