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Red Lantern Dex-Starr Cosplay 4



This costume I am highly proud of, The body suit , arm bands and leg bands were commissioned by Human Go Cosplay. The Head is the Nightmare Cat Mask that I repainted by hand using Liquid Latex and acrylic paint ( took FOREVER due to size of mask) I also cut out the mouth and sewed metal mesh in for better ventilation and vision. The tail, hands and feet were all hand sewn and made by me. I use foam wedges in the legs to give it the arched leg look. I hope to get stilts for the hands at some point and make this a quad someday.

I have always loved cats and Dex-Starr is one of my favorite cat characters. Everyone gotta love the rage kitty. ITs so sad his back story but i feel he is a fun character. I have also never seen anyone Cosplay a full blown Dex-Starr so here it is!
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