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Current Residence: Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan
Favourite genre of music: Electronica, Trance and Classic
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Favourite cartoon character: Guts (Berserk)
Personal Quote: Life's too short to be pessimistic.

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M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali
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Shichi-nin no Samurai
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C-Mon & Kypski
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Pens, India ink, Reason, Flash.
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Cartooning, listening to/composing music


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Here we go again. It's been ages since I've written a journal entry here, but what're you going to do, right? I'm not that motivated. Anyway, it's that time of year again, and I'm getting geared up for the PulpFaction 24 Hours in Oz Comics Challenge. Last year I took it way too lightly, stopped in the middle to watch Gladiator and also slept a full eight hours towards the end *prior* to finishing; this year I'm gonna actually make a vested effort. In re-reading the official page, I realized that I'm the only non-Aussie to have completed a 24 hour comic for that particular challenge: Go me. So other Americans and other nationalities - REPRESEN
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So, it's October already and I haven't written a journal entry since late January, it seems. Such is life, I'm inconsistent, but that's cool. New art, also in a sudden and unexpected rush of creativity. I should probably be channeling it all into my comic work, but I'm dumb like that. Still, I'm pretty damned self-satisfied now that I've overcome my inability to draw women. I'm getting back into MUXing, and with it, came character concept sketches that I am honestly really happy with. Thanks to Danny, for bringing me on to the MUX, and the Semi-porn site "Manga Super on the Web" for having such amazing art to learn from. I've been eating a l
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Man, am I beat. It's some ridiculously early hour in the morning, and I'm much further away from my cozy, albiet oft cold floor than I want to be. I think this would be the right time to express my general disdain for going to sleep after dawn. I brought it upon myself, since testing week is the one week in which I actually, truly, work hard during the school year. I'm hardly an overachiever, but I get what little homework that's assigned to me in on time, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, but for some reason, when all of my teachers have reports assigned for the same week, it comes down to me spending every night huddled over my computer c
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Hey! I don't know if you still get on, but I was wondering if I could use the space pirate flag as part of a banner for this Alliance I made in a game called Galactic Empires (it's like oGame on the iPhone), cause it's SWEET (seriously, props to you for that design). :D It's a fairly small game, and I'm not making any money off of it, I just run an alliance. ;)
I don't check in here frequently, but it looks like I'm not too, too late for this - essentially I'm fine with it as long as you aren't intending to take credit for it.

I'm fairly certain that it's licensed using Creative Commons - attribution. Use it as you will but wherever you have it, just mention that it was designed by Luke "SpacePirateCaine" Rideout.

Not that I would have noticed if you used it somewhere and hadn't told me but I certainly appreciate your checking with me - someone actually tattooed it on their arm and let me know after the fact, so there you go.

One thing I would like if you might take a screenshot of it in-game and send it to me, just so I can enjoy it.

Thanks a lot!
Thanks! :D

And here's a pic of the alliance page:
Note that it's on iPhones, etc. so you scroll down. :) Also, I have to say that hardly any other alliances have their own banner, so the fact that we have one is pretty epic. Thanks again!
Dont know if your still on this account but i got a question about one of your awesome drawings.
Hi, nice to meet you.

Fortunately, I am here - and it looks like I managed to respond before too too long. Sorry for the time it did take to get back to you, though.

I very rarely check DeviantArt these days, but it's still technically an active account. My scanner broke a few years ago, and my work is partially art-related so my casual art output has gone down significantly, but I'm always happy to talk about anything that's currently going.
Awesome to see you still check it, haha. Well basically im about to open an SL (second life) military based on space pirates and while searching through the internet for different ideas and other stuff to help with the creation. At the moment i have the base design, armor, formals and weapons in production or done. The only thing i don't have down solid is the flag. What i was wanting to know if it would be ok if we used the flag you made with your permission or if you would be fine if i had an artist do something similar to what you have made. If not thats fine i completely understand. Though if your interested and want to see what i have i can help you in the creation of an account and show you what it will all be about. Second life is free by the way. Haha.
Well, I'd be fine with you using the image as long as you don't claim that it's your own, I suppose. I updated the creative commons copyright license on the black-backed flag, and I'll be sure to do the same with the others.

The thing about the flag there, though, is it contains some very specific references to my own works, which would probably not really make much sense with your group. Obviously, they aren't explicitly mentioned in any non-made-up language, but it's supposed to represent a fictional star-chart and rings of influence for the central planets noted - but again, use it if you wish to - someone else tattooed it on their body.

I've never used Second Life, personally, but I might check it out. Hell, fictional though they may be, I may even have some input that could be interesting for you and your friends. I'll take it on your word that the image isn't going to be used in any depraved sort of manner, but may check it out anyway. We should move any further contact to private messages, however.