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Corporals Frylina + Leelo by Spaceman130 Corporals Frylina + Leelo :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 1 2 Miss Methane - Halatina Smogmeyer by Spaceman130 Miss Methane - Halatina Smogmeyer :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 4 Leela as Jenny McNeal by Spaceman130 Leela as Jenny McNeal :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 7 7 The Gender Bender by Spaceman130 The Gender Bender :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 7 2 Edna by Spaceman130 Edna :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 5 7 Leela's Cyclopean Vision by Spaceman130 Leela's Cyclopean Vision :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 4 Four Leaf Clover by Spaceman130 Four Leaf Clover :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 3 Stroggorama: Guard Kif by Spaceman130 Stroggorama: Guard Kif :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 5 Leegolo (for Freela3001) by Spaceman130 Leegolo (for Freela3001) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 12 Fry's Relationships by Spaceman130 Fry's Relationships :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 6 7 Raoul and Vyolet expecting by Spaceman130 Raoul and Vyolet expecting :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 3 Super Mario Bros. 2 Cloth by Spaceman130 Super Mario Bros. 2 Cloth :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 0 2 Brain Slug in Space Suit (color) by Spaceman130 Brain Slug in Space Suit (color) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 5 Brain Slug in Space Suit (lines) by Spaceman130 Brain Slug in Space Suit (lines) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 2 1 MomCorp (Photo) by Spaceman130 MomCorp (Photo) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 5 3 MomCorp (Scan) by Spaceman130 MomCorp (Scan) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 1 0


Futurama Genderswap Cast
This is my fanmade cast for some gender-swapped characters in Futurama.
Phylis J. Fry (female Philip J. Fry) - Nika Futterman (Phylis has a similar voice to Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold!)
Turanga Leelo (or Lee for short) (male Leela) - Rob Paulsen (Leelo has a similar voice to Jack Fenton from Danny Phantom)
Coilette (female Bender) - John DiMaggio (Coilette's voice would be the same as Bender, except slightly more feminine)
Professor Hayley Farnsworth (female Hubert Farnsworth) - Kath Soucie (Hayley's voice would be similar to that of Betty DeVille in Rugrats, except much older sounding)
Cayley Farnsworth (female Cubert) - Kath Soucie (Cayley's voice is similar to Lil DeVille in Rugrats)
Andrew Wong (male Amy Wong) - Andrew Kishino (Andrew's voice is similar to Donnie in the Saints Row games)
Herma Conrad (female Hermes) - Cree Summer (Herma's voice is similar to Cree Lincoln in Codename: Ki
:icon1997deviantivan:1997DeviantIvan 3 1
Random Futurama Draws by Freela3001 Random Futurama Draws :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 8 12 3010 Swimsuit Issue by Gulliver63 3010 Swimsuit Issue :icongulliver63:Gulliver63 14 14 4 Differences by IvoryDrive 4 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 92 73 5 Differences by IvoryDrive 5 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 325 215 6 Differences by IvoryDrive 6 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 237 198 Future Muscle Babes by MightyKnightBR Future Muscle Babes :iconmightyknightbr:MightyKnightBR 76 23 FINAL DOOM: VIRGIL by Kracov FINAL DOOM: VIRGIL :iconkracov:Kracov 74 18 Final Doom PSX Nostalgia by Helios437 Final Doom PSX Nostalgia :iconhelios437:Helios437 139 68
Futurama High School
This is how the characters would be, if they went to a highschool & were teenagers and whatnot. ^^
And it's the genderswapped kind. (Like always XXD) :) :meow: :D
Fry/Frylina: Would be popular with all the boys, in the school. And would be a die-hard skank. Making out, and be all flirty.
Leelo: Is a bit of a rebel, owning a gun or too. He has a "secret" crush on Fry.
Coilette: She is a trouble maker at school, breaking all the rules, and not caring about teachers orders, plus Coilette would get detention often. She even makes fun/bully Kiffa.
Amo: Would be the rich bitch, everyone is "jealous" of. 
Kiffa: She is more on the shy/quiet side, waiting hand and foot on Zappa. But her BF Amo loves her how she is.
Zapp: Zappa is an arrogant, female.
:iconfreela3001:Freela3001 1 2
Dogurama by Freela3001 Dogurama :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 8 6 Fry x Colin by Freela3001 Fry x Colin :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 3 8
Futurama Genderswap Names.
I also gender-swapped the names of the characters of the show/cartoon. Nod w00t! 
Philip J Fry- Philipa Jane Frylina
Turanga Leela- Turango Leelo
Bender B Rodriquez- Coilette B Rodriquez
Professor Hubert Farnsworth- Professor Huberta Farnsworth
Amy Wong- Amo Wong
Hermes Conrad- Herma Conrad
Dr John A Zoidberg- Dr Joan A Zoidba
Nibbler- Nibbla
Zapp Brannigan- Zappa Brannigan
Kif Kroker- Kiffa Kroker
Elzar- Elzara
Morbo- Morbia
Linda- Lynn
Morris- Marissa
Munda- Mundo
Sally- Sal
Albert- Abby
Yancy Fry Sr- Nancy Frylina Sr
Yancy Fry Jr- Nancy Frylina
:iconfreela3001:Freela3001 4 2
1990s Kiffa Sketch by Freela3001 1990s Kiffa Sketch :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 4 5 Serendipity by Freela3001
Mature content
Serendipity :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 6 11
My Frylina Neutopia Choker by Freela3001 My Frylina Neutopia Choker :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 5 3



Corporals Frylina + Leelo
Frylina and Leelo dressed in black ops uniforms, ready to slay some Nightwalkers in their gender-swapped universe.  The uniforms are based off those in Vampire Rain.  I'm thinking of drawing Fry and Leela wearing the uniforms too.  This is the completed version of the drawing I posted in my scraps a week ago.

Fry and Leela (gender-swapped) are from Futurama and belong to Matt Groening.
Corporal Leelo (WIP)
I decided to draw Leela gender-swapped wearing the soldier uniform from Vampire Rain.  The picture isn't done yet -- I'm going to draw gender-bent Fry in it too and then color it.  I also plan to draw Fry and Leela (normal) wearing the same uniforms, but in another drawing.

Leela is from Futurama and is property of Matt Groening.
Miss Methane - Halatina Smogmeyer
A drawing of Halatina Smogmeyer, who represented the Methane Planet in the 3001 Miss Universe Pageant.

Smogmeyer is from Futurama and is property of Matt Groening.
Leela as Jenny McNeal
Leela when she played Jenny McNeal in Fry's version of Single Female Lawyer.

Leela is from Futurama and belongs to Matt Groening.
The Gender Bender
This is my Futurama Gender Bender tin toy which I bought from an office furniture store for $50 near the end of 2012.  I have a couple of pictures of him in my gallery already, but I wanted to show the Gender Bender up close this time.  His accessories include a cigar, a key that can be wound up to make him walk, a star wand, and a can of Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil.  The curly yellow wig is removable.  His eyes can be moved up and down, and his mouth can be turned around so it's either open or closed.

Made by Rocket USA.
Since 2015 I've had an idea of drawing Futurama characters as Strogg, the enemies from Quake II (a first-person shooter by id Software).  Here are my casting choices.

Fry as a Gunner
Leela and Amy as Iron Maidens
Bender as a Berserker -- I've already drawn this; it can be seen here --> Berserker Bender
Hermes as an Enforcer
Nibbler as a Parasite
Zoidberg as a Medic
Farnsworth as Brains
Zapp as a Gladiator
Kif as a Guard
Lrrr as a Tank

You can see what the monsters look like here; just click on their names in the chart.…


Spaceman130's Profile Picture
I am an artist/photographer who's a fan of Futurama. I have submitted my works to Futurama Madhouse (The Leela Zone) (TLZ) and now I'll be displaying them here on DeviantArt. I hope you all enjoy my art and photos.


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