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Wooden Tulips by Spaceman130 Wooden Tulips :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 0 0 Futurama Zodiac - Kif as Leo by Spaceman130 Futurama Zodiac - Kif as Leo :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 1 1 Futurama Zodiac - Scruffy as Pisces by Spaceman130 Futurama Zodiac - Scruffy as Pisces :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 1 1 FIVE Leaf Clover by Spaceman130 FIVE Leaf Clover :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 1 Prologue - Falling Rain, Spilling Blood by Spaceman130
Mature content
Prologue - Falling Rain, Spilling Blood :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 1 1
Futurama Hedonismbot Figure by Spaceman130 Futurama Hedonismbot Figure :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 7 Corporals Frylina + Leelo by Spaceman130 Corporals Frylina + Leelo :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 5 Miss Methane - Halatina Smogmeyer by Spaceman130 Miss Methane - Halatina Smogmeyer :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 4 Leela as Jenny McNeal by Spaceman130 Leela as Jenny McNeal :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 7 7 The Gender Bender by Spaceman130 The Gender Bender :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 7 2 Edna by Spaceman130 Edna :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 5 7 Leela's Cyclopean Vision by Spaceman130 Leela's Cyclopean Vision :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 4 Four Leaf Clover by Spaceman130 Four Leaf Clover :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 3 3 Stroggorama: Guard Kif by Spaceman130 Stroggorama: Guard Kif :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 4 5 Leegolo (for Freela3001) by Spaceman130 Leegolo (for Freela3001) :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 7 12 Fry's Relationships by Spaceman130 Fry's Relationships :iconspaceman130:Spaceman130 6 7


Sweet Dragon by narwhalpuppy Sweet Dragon :iconnarwhalpuppy:narwhalpuppy 3 0 Brown Cottontail! by narwhalpuppy Brown Cottontail! :iconnarwhalpuppy:narwhalpuppy 2 0 Fry and Leela dancing by Quasie89 Fry and Leela dancing :iconquasie89:Quasie89 3 1 Punk Leela, Cool Fry by Quasie89 Punk Leela, Cool Fry :iconquasie89:Quasie89 2 0 Cute Little Squirrel! by narwhalpuppy Cute Little Squirrel! :iconnarwhalpuppy:narwhalpuppy 1 0 Colorful Heart by narwhalpuppy Colorful Heart :iconnarwhalpuppy:narwhalpuppy 1 0 Bad Ass with a Fat Ass by ToniTails Bad Ass with a Fat Ass :icontonitails:ToniTails 49 4 Leela - More Than Eye Candy by The-Real-Joe-Cool Leela - More Than Eye Candy :iconthe-real-joe-cool:The-Real-Joe-Cool 481 40
Futurama Genderswap Cast
This is my fanmade cast for some gender-swapped characters in Futurama.
Phylis J. Fry (female Philip J. Fry) - Nika Futterman (Phylis has a similar voice to Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold!)
Turanga Leelo (or Lee for short) (male Leela) - Rob Paulsen (Leelo has a similar voice to Jack Fenton from Danny Phantom)
Coilette (female Bender) - John DiMaggio (Coilette's voice would be the same as Bender, except slightly more feminine)
Professor Hayley Farnsworth (female Hubert Farnsworth) - Kath Soucie (Hayley's voice would be similar to that of Betty DeVille in Rugrats, except much older sounding)
Cayley Farnsworth (female Cubert) - Kath Soucie (Cayley's voice is similar to Lil DeVille in Rugrats)
Andrew Wong (male Amy Wong) - Andrew Kishino (Andrew's voice is similar to Donnie in the Saints Row games)
Herma Conrad (female Hermes) - Cree Summer (Herma's voice is similar to Cree Lincoln in Codename: Ki
:icon1997deviantivan:1997DeviantIvan 3 1
Random Futurama Draws by Freela3001 Random Futurama Draws :iconfreela3001:Freela3001 9 12 3010 Swimsuit Issue by Gulliver63 3010 Swimsuit Issue :icongulliver63:Gulliver63 14 14 4 Differences by IvoryDrive 4 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 94 73 5 Differences by IvoryDrive 5 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 325 215 6 Differences by IvoryDrive 6 Differences :iconivorydrive:IvoryDrive 239 198 Future Muscle Babes by MightyKnightBR Future Muscle Babes :iconmightyknightbr:MightyKnightBR 76 23 FINAL DOOM: VIRGIL by Kracov FINAL DOOM: VIRGIL :iconkracov:Kracov 80 18


Wooden Tulips
In my living room there's some wooden tulips in a glass vase.  I decided to draw them.
Futurama Zodiac - Kif as Leo
Here's another drawing for my Futurama zodiac series.  It's Kif Kroker as the sign of Leo (the lion).

Kif belongs to Matt Groening.
Futurama Zodiac - Scruffy as Pisces
I decided to redraw my Futurama zodiac, which I originally did in 2016.  This time, I plan to draw each character individually on their own sheet of paper instead of all 12 of them on one.  For the first installment, here's Scruffy the janitor as the sign of Pisces (the two fish).

Scruffy belongs to Matt Groening.
FIVE Leaf Clover
I found this five leaf clover next to my neighbours' back deck, the same place I photographed the four leaf clover in my gallery.  If only it had two more leaves...
Smitty and URL
Just a rough shaded sketch of Smitty and URL from Futurama.  I drew them from the cards in Futurama: Game of Drones.

Smitty and URL belong to Matt Groening.
Recently I played a bunch of Vampire Rain: Altered Species (PS3) matches with my friend TheBP.  However, instead of playing the standard deathmatch like we normally do, I suggested we try the other modes to see how they play.  So we did, and I was surprised because we ended up playing a bunch of modes I didn't know existed!  That's because TheBP has the Japan version of the game, and it includes a lot of download content not available in the US version which I have.  That content includes extra time trial missions for single player, and for multiplayer there's extra character skins, maps, and modes.  He put our matches on YouTube so you can see what the other modes look like.

First is Death or Nightwalkers.  It's similar to deathmatch, except that you can turn into a Nightwalker at any time and remain as one until you're killed.  Also, the amount of points you earn vary depending on what state you and your opponent are in when you score kills.  Nightwalkers earn fewer points than humans because of their ability to run fast, jump high, and kill opponents with a single melee attack.  I noticed that for our match, TheBP made Nightwalkers slower to make it more fair.  Death or Nightwalkers is available in all versions of Vampire Rain.

Next is Nightwalker Hunt.  In this mode one player begins as a Nightwalker and must kill humans to survive.  If the Nightwalker player is killed by another player, then they revert to being a human and the other player becomes a Nightwalker.  However, the higher a Nightwalker's score is, the slower they run.  This mode is only in the Japan version.

Next is Dog It, which I didn't do well in because I jumped right in without reading the rules.  All you have to do is be near the robot to score points.  Dog It is only in the Japan version.

The next mode is Team Destroy, another mode I didn't understand until after I played it.  The mode is played in two phases, the first one called Dark Sun, the other called Bloody Moon.  In the first phase the host is a Nightwalker and the other player is a human.  The human's job is to defend the robots from the Nightwalker, who's out to destroy them.  In the next phase, the players' roles are reversed.  The Nightwalker who takes the shortest time to destroy the robots in their phase is the winner.  Team Destroy is only in the Japan version.

Next is Checkpoint Chase.  The object of this mode is to get all the checkpoints before your opponents.  You can get the checkpoints in any order, but since I wasn't familiar with this mode I ended up getting them alphabetically.  Checkpoint Chase is only in the Japan version.

And finally, there's Capture the Flame.  All you have to do is get the flame and keep it to score points.  Capture the Flame is available in all versions of Vampire Rain.


Spaceman130's Profile Picture
I am an artist/photographer who's a fan of Futurama. I have submitted my works to Futurama Madhouse (The Leela Zone) (TLZ) and now I'll be displaying them here on DeviantArt. I hope you all enjoy my art and photos.


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