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Iscverzie Ice Giant

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The Iscverzie Ice Giant, or the Northern Ice Giant, is an off-shoot of of the much more shy and reclusive trolls of the elven forests and giant's steppes of the middle-lands. These cold-adept trolls have no natural predators and are sort of like if a wooly mammoth decided it was going to become a fierce carnivore. They train and breed leopard seals for hunts and the head-family of a tribe may keep a dire wolf or two as well.

Raids on Dimvaran (a dwarve-ish burrowing folk) camps, and even occasionally more rural Isnishi (snow elves) homes, were once an all-too-common occurence. There has been trade established with the current head-family, which has (mostly) deterred them from waging war on the Dimvarans that have in generations past creeped into their territory.
Ice Giants mainly communicate in their own sign language though they may also incorporate various growls and yelps into the conversation. They also have a system of howls if the need arises for long-distance communication, which can be heard almost three miles away. They do not have a written form of their language but do have a strong storytelling tradition, which is how they keep the history of their people.

In recent years community members who are designated as traders also learn a limited form of Dimvaran to be able to verbally communicate with outsiders. All of that said, outsiders know practically nothing about them because they don't leave any written history of their peoples. No-one outside of their communities are taught their language either because they are known to be fiercely territorial and unwelcoming.

Ice Giants are monogamous and mate for life and have no qualms about queer relationships. Like Trolls their raise their offspring, known as "cubs", as a community. Those deemed to be strong fighters end up spending more time with the tribe's hunters during the day. Ice Giant cubs go through a coming-of-age ceremony when they turn ten.

Given the harsh environment that they live in cubs are given a baby name which is used until their first birthday, after which they graduate to a tribe name in a celebration of their survival. The baby name is then never used again since it may curse the cub to have an early death. The baby name is also not shared outside of the immediate family in case a rival wished to use it against the cub.

As for appearances, the Ice Giants stand taller than a common troll at a whopping 12ft tall on average with some towering close to 14ft -- for reference, Isnishi are 8ft on average and common trolls are around 10ft. Ice Giants are very powerfully built, making them something akin to a walking tank (or go back to my wooly mammoth comment). They are covered in dense fur and have a thick wavy mane that is often braided with teeth and claw trophies woven in. Their skin, what little is visible, is a medium to dark blue or grey colour. Their fur and hair have dark roots and end in medium to near-white shades.

Also, like common trolls, they can have different tusk shapes. This one's more reminiscent of elephants but they can be bigger or smaller or grow straight down more like a walrus. The lower overgrown fangs can also get pretty long sometimes but this is a pretty average size for them.

Animal furs are the traditional dress with linen and other cloth being added in recent years. Those with hunting seals or wolves will wear their prised beast's pelt after it has passed, whether in battle or of old age or sickness. Seals are revered animals for them and they will not consume them unless it is a life-or-death situation. In general, they also have a number of rituals regarding how to properly kill, butcher, and dispose of an animal.
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Very interesting :) The hair looks like it was fun to do!