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By spacehamster
Okay, so... here's the thing. This pinup stuff I've been drawing for months is all well and good, and I'm having a ton of fun doing it, but we all know it's really just a substitute for actual sequential art, and the more I'm moving into action poses, the more obvious that becomes. So I should start doing comics again.

Now I've had this idea for a comic for... a long time. Ten years, actually. Irk the Spacehamster. I've got scripts and ideas for probably about 60 pages' worth of material, character sketches and everything, but the only actual result that has ever materialized is… I keep telling myself I'm really going to get around to drawing these stories, but I never do. And I'm beginning to think I never will. Because as much as I enjoy writing Spacehamster stories (and everytime I dig up the scripts I already have, I still think they're really funny), it's just not the type of stuff I'm interested in drawing. At least I'm beginning to think that's the reason I just can't motivate myself to actually putting up with the huge workload that doing sequential art inevitably means when it comes to the ol' Spacehamster.

But everyone who's ever been to my gallery knows I sure love drawing superheroes. I just do. I don't know why. And I've got plenty of my own characters to use -… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… and… are just the examples posted here, I've got more. And you should see the eleventy kazillion drawings of some of these characters stacking up around my desk just because I love drawing them so damn much.

But the problem is - while I do have some ideas for stories that might be kind of cool, they're not exactly groundbreaking material, just fun stuff, really, and I honestly don't know if that's worth pursuing either. It would basically be the 9547235th addition to the deluge of fan-drawn superhero comics on the web.

So hence my poll. What do you think I should do? It's either a comic about a hamster and a talking egg that like to kill people and blow lots of stuff up or my attempt at a superhero comic, probably with shifting focus on various characters but an underlying red thread that holds the whole thing together.

Oh yeah, if you want, read this 24-hour comic I did two years ago:… the art's a mess of course because this is a 24-hour comic, and it's not a superhero story, but the closest thing to a serious comic book I've done in recent years, and the dialogue should give you a pretty good idea of what my writing would be like - I definitely favor the more rough-edged stuff, I'm not looking to do kiddie spandex comics.

Sigh. I'm rambling, ain't I? Sorry this thing is so f'n long. I'll stop now.
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Organize yourself first, set aside time everyday and then focus on the first page. Once you're done with the first page, you can move on to greater goals, --the second page.
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Hahaha. Ask me again about page 2 when I'm 60 ;)
No, seriously, that's good advice, thanks, and I will definitely try to get a regular schedule going once things have sort of... settled in.
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what keeps artists from doing work is usually themselves. looking at the whole task altogether makes it look hard. breaking down the process into smaller goals usually does the job.
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Good point. When an idea seems too daunting, I tend to put it off until I never get around to doing it at all... and most of my story ideas have a nasty habit of quickly growing into huge epics... that happened to my superhero concept as soon as I started to actually think about it and take ideas down too, so now I'll really try to cut it down into manageable chunks and take them one at a time. Thanks for the input.
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I'm just telling you how i do things. It's usually the hurdle any artist face when doing comic book. --especially when you actually have a deadline.
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Comic. *nod* You know you want it. :D
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I think you should do both, or possibly flip a coin... But seeing as how I do not have the attention span for online comics with plot (see, if it was on paper, I would be fine, because I could flip back and forth to review and check details and people's names...), I am voting for... THE HAMSTER AND TALKING EGG!!!
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Hey, I'll gladly have it printed on paper if you cough up the production cost, hahahaha.
There's no way I can do both... I don't know if I can pull off doing one given how much work doing comics is. And the Irk the Spacehamster comic would have something resembling plots too, by the way. Well, sort of. "This guy pissed me off, let's blow up the planet he's from." You know. ;p
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I'm inclined to agree I should. ;p
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