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That moment when you try to look at a piece of art but thanks to the cluttered annoying pop-up crap you get on modern sites you end up clicking on 'show me less like this' instead-Thus you can't see the image and in future you will see less of that sort. So bloody annoying! Dear web desiginers. Not every little thing you hover over needs to have a pop-up sub menu or option. Particularly if it's for something quite obscure like changing your preferences over time. While we're on the subject can we please do away with search engines that try to guess what you're going to type? Not only that but they stop you from typing while they load in the thing they thought you were typing (but were not), leading to delays in getting to what you wanted and sometimes mis-spellings as you foolishly focus on typing what you wanted, blissfully unaware that the computer has interupted. If a person behaved like that (stopping you from speaking so they could guess what you were going to say every few
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Some of my art got flagged by DA just now. Ive edited a couple of things (as to be fair they were a bit spicy) but I've left a couple of other things alone as they don't actually have anything that racy on them (other than a couple of naked male characters). Yes, it's adult content, but I do have them set to 'Explicit nudity'-So I'm not sure why they were flagged. Hopefully somebody from DA will tell me why rather than just deleting my account.
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Comic Format?

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I finished chapter 5 of my comic and I'm going to start working on chapter 6 quite soon. I was thinking about changing format-From a traditional comic page to a style designed more with the web in mind rather than print. A verticle column of panels that can be viewed easily on a mobile phone or a desktop computer by scrolling down (but that would not be easy to print if that ever becomes an option). What do people think? Swap to a more modern style designed with how most people access the internet in mind or stick with what I've been doing? Changing style might make the comic more accessable but as stated, it'd be harder to adapt to print and I also worry that certain image types (such as landscape panels) wouldn't work so well.
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How’s my request going?

I'm sorry-I only take requests to do edits on existing images. I don't have the time to make free art from scratch. Sorry about that :)

Request: Teddy Ruxpin nude edit

What forgotten and obscure characters would you like to see in my show?

Cartoon characters or any characters? :)

Any Characters.