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Age: 28

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Still Single!

Purpose on DA: Sprite & Pixel Art. Creative Writing

I do things at an odd pace - aka - I do things, stop and pick them up again whenever in the future. So - sorry about that. Just nudge me once in a while and my gold fish memory might remember. Please bear with that, I do forget A-L-O-T.

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Burninggodzillalord BGLs-Toybox GIGAN05 GIGAN0V Linkzilla Gorosaurus65 Geedra WeegeeZilla WeegeesRandomGarbage onewafighter1

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Anything and all Godzilla and Kaiju
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Ultraman, Family Guy, American Dad, CW Flash
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World of Warcraft
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Microsoft Paint & GIMP
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Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu in general. DC Universe, model kits, tank and other AFV's, Fate Series and history.

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Need sleep for work < The Sprite You all have that time when you remember you did something similar to what yor doing now? However that previous attempt was trash so you scrapped it? Then you remember it and look back on it and find out that you ma
I LIED! Felt a small spark again, finished texturing Destoroyah's thighs and shoulders and modified the face a bit. Still not 100% on the head and face. Need to work on tail, wings, and arms now.
Destoroyah on a small hiatus. Minecraft > re:Neo Genesis> Oh right. Yeah Rebuild went into a rename phase yet again. Welcome to re:Neo Genesis! Has nothing to do with a certain anime, serious talk. It means something that will be revealed in story

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Hey SpaceG92, I'm one of DreamCastSonicfan1's watchers and I was wondering if you could do my two main characters in your art style please and thank you, here’s what they look like:

Noah Firebreath (revamp 6)
Breez Waterlow (revamp 6)

Noah's eye color: Red

Breez's eye color: Blue

Hello Noah!

Unfortunately I don't really do requests. I'm incredibly spotty on keeping things to a schedule and rather, if im being honest. Unreliable on that end :s

Maybe at a later date. Sorry about that.

Hi SpaceG, i was wondering. Is it okay if you make some godzilla sprites for me, cause i'm planning on making some Godzilla fanfilms with them and i need your help on making them. If you do then i can send you a picture of one monster at a time so i won't spam you with monsters. If that's okay with you that is.

Hey Justin.

I greatly appreciate the offer and the request, unfortunately I cannot reliably do requests. just my nature of never being able to finish anything, ontop of my own work load im slowly starting to finally clear.

Maybe in the future I might be able to help you out! :D though at this time I cannot. Sorry :( I do wish you luck in your fanfilm though!

Ah it's alright, take your time and thank you :)

Hi SpaceG. It's me, Sonic2006fan.

I have a new account!=P