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Age: 29

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Still Single!

Purpose on DA: Sprite & Pixel Art. Creative Writing

I do things at an odd pace - aka - I do things, stop and pick them up again whenever in the future. So - sorry about that. Just nudge me once in a while and my gold fish memory might remember. Please bear with that, I do forget A-L-O-T.

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Burninggodzillalord GIGAN05 GIGAN0V Gorosaurus65 Geedra WeegeeZilla WeegeesRandomGarbage onewafighter1

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Favourite Movies
Anything and all Godzilla and Kaiju
Favourite TV Shows
Ultraman, Family Guy, American Dad, CW Flash
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft
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Tools of the Trade
Microsoft Paint & GIMP
Still addicted to Mega Man X: DiVE. Vile MK2 banner is tomorrow/Monday. Hype. Might do some Mega Man stuff
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Currently losing my life to Megaman X: Dive.
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BIG-BIG-BIG stuff planned. There SHOULD be periodic releases through out the month. Putting in for a week off next month and hopefully I can grind some out that I missed or the more complex time eating ones. Looking at you Totem Bagan/Bakan.
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Happy new year 2022 @SpaceG92 hope you have a great year.

You too! Hopefully this new year is better then the last 2 D:

Hi @SpaceG92 sorry if am bothering you but do you mine telling me how many color palette do you use to make your godzilla kaijus sprite becuse am working on some of my own kaiju sprite( a only did gabara so far and king cesar head) Or do you go with custom to how many color with the sprite get.

Good question, I dont really use a palette per say but it varies from sprite to sprite -

I try and reference the Kaiju Daikassen rips for a palette but I try and never go above 7 shades for a single color. Stuff like spines can use 4/5. Eyes depending can use 2/4, ect ect. The general rule of thumb I try and follow for myself is I don't want to over or undershade something, the more complex the colors the dumber it might end up looking.

There's also the reverse side of things with Battle Legends having a shade less of color due to palette limitations.

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Hey spaceG92 do have nes godzilla 2000 sprite art

Nes Style   Godzilla 1999 Miregoji By Sonic2006fan

I kinda gave up on the NES Godzilla but I might back into it.