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Ghost Lines

A post-apocalyptic victorian dark fantasy steampunk roleplaying game where characters in leather suits and gas masks fight ghosts on electric railroads using harpoons and leviathan's lightning-oil?

There's an explanation for how such an awesome idea can exist! It's John Harper's Ghost Lines, an rpg based on the Apocalypse system of Apocalypse World. It's just in 4 sheets and can be downloaded from his blog here [link]
Acquaintance with the system of AW is recommended.

In this picture I used photos of gas masks by Bob Basset [link] check his lair because it's impossibly awesome!

EDIT: now in Creative Commons

EDIT 2: now it's three of them! We played today with my friends and it was awesome! Yes he's Michael Clarke Duncan, who doesn't have a fond memory of him?

Read here: [link]
Regarding the 'attribution clause', please indicate: "artwork by Tazio Bettin [link]"
Mind the share-alike clause!
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I see what masks inspired you.
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those masks are amazing. But they're part of the visuals of that game, so I merely adapted to the setting :)
Ghost Lines is awesome, and so is this. I love that you geek out on some of the same RPG stuff as I do (GL, Apocalypse World, Exalted... and admittedly I bought Anima Prime because of your artwork).
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I wish he damn finished that Ghost Line. I tried it once, but it's like most of Harper's creations: enough to be very interesting and make you want to play it, but unfinished enough to make it unplayable without heavy tweaking... I don't ask that a game be detailed and complete like, say, my beloved Burning Wheel, but at least have enough rules to make me figure what's supposed to happen in a fight with a ghost, considering it's the pivotal point of a mission in GL, would have been appreciated. And that game has been sitting in his blog unfinished for... years, I think? Heh.
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R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan
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<font><font>Sabes el nombre de la derecha ?</font></font>
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<font><font>Cual es el nombre de la izquierda ?</font></font>
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Great job!
Those kind of illustrations are really inspiring. I read John Harper's rpgs. I played Lady Blackbird. And it's awesome.
Hope i'll play this one.
I recognize the guy in the middle
who did you use for reference for the other two?
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I can't remember... the one on the left is some model a la Suicide Girls, I think, but I couldn't find any other photos of her in the 'net. As per the other girl, she's a russian model. Again, I forgot the name...
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Michael Clarke Duncan, è proprio lui :heart: E' impressionante, i personaggi sembrano uscire dallo schermo, sono davvero realistici ma allo stesso tempo hanno qualcosa di particolare. Inoltre l'insieme rende appieno l'effetto post apocalittico, vorrei portarmi a casa la donna sulla destra :D
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Grazie cara :)
La donna sulla destra l'ho presa da una modella russa, ma purtroppo non ricordo il nome... uhm...
Tra l'altro, hai mai sentito la vera voce di Duncan? Corri su youtube, ne vale la pena! E' il baritono più bello che abbia mai sentito!
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Sinceramente non avevo mai sentito la sua voce originale! Cavolo hai ragione, me lo sto ascoltando ora ed in effetti ha una voce pazzesca :disbelief:
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Di contrasto, prova a sentire quella di Morgan Freeman. Fa quasi ridere :D
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I downloaded it myself after seeing and reading this, it's sounds incredible but sadly I have no one to play it with so I think I'll just create the character I would have played if I could :D
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I never find any difficulty finding players in google+. We always play via hangout, just like we did yesterday.
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Oh right, you do it online? I've never done that before.
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