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Wild Blue Yonder animated trailer by Spacefriend-KRUNK, journal

Voice of Cassandre Mixtape by Spacefriend-KRUNK, journal

Zach Howard Artbook Vol. 1 by Spacefriend-KRUNK, journal

Wild Blue Yonder, Intel and Gerard Butler by Spacefriend-KRUNK, journal

In Response to the Self-Absorbed by Spacefriend-KRUNK, journal

I have a new rotating online Art Gallery of my work through the years in a private FB group. Please feel free to join if you want to see several random pieces a day. =)
Now that you have no money and renewed your family angst, lets all celebrate the new year by buying all my original artwork!Link:
Ever wonder if I've constructed a Conan battle scene out of paper hearts? Now is your time!
The Art of Zach Howard Vol. 1: Wild Blue Yonder comes out today! It is my first artbook and I couldn't be happier with it. It has pencils and inks of choice pages and covers from WBY along with some spot commentary on my processes and philosophies. I...
Everyone!  Go make Monday your bitch. =)

Where do you get your Comic Book news?

  |  198 votes
  • Your mother's 5-hole
  • Other

Greatest all-time long form comic book series:

  |  222 votes
  • Groo the Wanderer
  • Preacher
  • Locke & Key

Best ever substance to imbibe?

  |  392 votes
  • Coffee
  • Beer
  • Blood of your enemies

What is the best band name ever?

  |  361 votes
  • Four Gallons of Feces
  • Crystal Shit
  • FuckerPunch
  • Crap Stupid
  • Mighty Zach and the Fecal Force Five
  • Ron Lim

Which do you like better?

  |  541 votes
  • Digital painting/coloring.
  • Traditional painting/coloring.
  • They both have merits and pitfalls.
  • Prison sex.