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Wild Blue Yonder Issue 4 Page 10

This is by far one of my favorite pages I've ever drawn.  Quiet, sad, melancholy.   Good flow.

One little factoid about my neurosis - the last panel of this page is my most current attempt at a camera shot i've been trying to perfect for many years.   If you look throughout my career, you'll notice this shot in many different books.   Richard Dragon, Marvel Age Spiderman, and tons of other crap.   However, I think I've finally hit the mark.  Or at least close enough to retire it.  So there you go, folks. 

Big ups to Duke!
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Good rhythm in that last pnl
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OH GOD :D SO JEALOUS <3<3 u awesome bro!
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I'm so impressed by the different angles and I just love the last panelt. I could stare at it for such a long time.
The whole page is just so quiet and make me somehow melancholic.. And wow..
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thank you very much!
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You are welcome :)
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amaaaaazzzzzzziiiingggg :D
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I stared at the last panel for ages, such a mean angle. Love the texture and shading you give your art. 
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Very nice done. Phatt stroke (you can say so in english?).
Only the dog´s legs in panel 4 ... oh, crap - never mind!
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thanks!  what's wrong with the dog's leg?
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i really love this page, totally agree with you
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well, your colors really brought it together. =)
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I'm only commenting because of the dog, not my secret man-crush.
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sounds perfectly acceptable!
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