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Venom Spaceknight Cover 10 Pencils and Inks

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May I ask .. How many pencil sketches did you do before the final pencil sketch ? Also, are there any videos of you drawing? Would be really nice to see that
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I did one thumbnail of the cover and then one sketch of Venom.  Then final pencils.  =)

I do have some videos of me inking out there on Facebook, I think?  I plan on doing weekly ones starting next year to change focus after I finish my last and final comic book currently.  After that I'm just doing covers and patreon whilst i work on my own books. ;)

So lots of videos to come.  And if you ever need to see something of my crap for process, just hit me up!  happy to show you whatever you are curious about.
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That's so great to know ! I'll have to try it and see the difference :la:

I can't wait to see your videos, I really hope you get to do this, it sounds like a very nice project ! Also, your own books! :eager: Next year sounds so fun !!
I would love to see you work but I'm still very far behind , I think next year when you start your video project it'll be perfect :D
I will come back with some questions at some point once i master the thumbnail-sketch part
:hug: Thank you!!
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Are you kidding me!??! This is awesome! please tell me this is wide release!?
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i suspect anywhere Marvel comics are sold. =)
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Awesome. I'll keep an eye out.
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That is some gorgeous work.
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