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The Cape Fallen Issue 3 panel crop eric

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Eric wants to wish you a heartfelt Happy New Year! This is a rarity from a self-loathing murderous sociopath, so take it to heart. ...Just don't get lost in the woods with him. =)

This is a panel crop from Issue #3 of The Cape: Fallen - out now! For the production dorks: my inks along with Nelson Dániel's (the famous Chilean Super Model) exceptional colors. We've been working together now for about a decade now, and I couldn't imagine doing a comic book without his collaboration. Harmonizing with this fellow storyteller has been one the more fulfilling achievements of my career. And we're just getting started.

In 2019 I'll be concentrating on being a full-time comic book artist again. After I wrap up the Cape, I'm off to slay 44 pages of my biggest Bucket List dream gig, and then get back to working on the Wild Blue Yonder sequel.

Cola has her entire life to keep me busy. =)

Happy 2019, you thinking apes! Go make shit happen.
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Happy New Year!!! To you, not Eric. After what he did in #3 it's probably best to let him play tag in the woods while I slowly back away...:D

Man I can't wait to see what else you got in store! The art in The Cape's definitely one of my most favorite. You guys make a great team. 
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Thank you very much for the kind words, and hope you have a great 2019, too!
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It’s Hhhiiiiiiigggghhhhh-
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This looks great!

Also is it just me or does it kinda look like Jesse McCree?
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It’s Hhiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhh
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Looks even better in color!
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Happy New Year, man! Looking forward to see what 2019 shows.
Hearing there is a sequel to WBY just made my day.
Keep on inspiring!! I salute you! 
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Happy New year and makin' shit! A Wild Blue Yonder sequel eh? Nice.
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Happy New Year!
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THanks and right back at ya!
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Zach ! Have a wonderful New Year ! :hug: Wishing you all the best ! :cheers: 

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Thanks and right back at ya! =)
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