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TMNT Page 3 Inks

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TMNT page 3 inks. Had trouble laying out this page - i'm not good with symmetry. However, I was pretty happy with the end result.

I tried to give each turtle his own feel in the book, and this page was the first attempt at employing that.

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Your art style is gorgeously gritty! Being a comic fanatic, I really appreciate the level of detail and immense skill that you must pour into each page. Absolutely blimin' breathtaking. All of your work.
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thank you very much, man!
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'Course! I'm psyched to see more!
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amazing just amazing!!
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You + turtles - match made in heaven. mirage original days on steroids. awesome stuff man
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Especially the original Black Thorn comics were not overly sold on symmetry. I'm thinking this ink style reminds me of that specific era of Turtle evolution. 
certainly more respect than my PArty Turtle series
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After I finish the current project, I think I will do the 4th party turtle; the one with cowboy boots, and jeans with creases pressed into them.
 :bulltet black:TurtlePower
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Awesome , continue !
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These are the moments when I ask myself "Why do I ink the way I do?"
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awesome!!! the last two panels are awesome!! did you re-draw it, in smaller scale? or did you copy-paste it?
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Oh I like this a lot. It has a nice gritty feel to it. The turtles alone make feel like I did the first time I picked up an issue of TMNT. 

Outstanding! :clap:
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Warden Laughing

Cool style!!!
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So intimidating...
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You're an artist ☺
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Awesome work. Love the last 2 cells!
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