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TMNT Page 2 and 3 Pencils

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Pencils for previously posted inked TMNT pages.
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wow the energy in the panels is amazing! I love work like this!
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i'm just wondering what size paper do you use? when i do stuff like this i end up using larger paper and end up having to scan it in piece by piece
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i draw on full sized boards, but my canvas is 8 1/8 x 12 1/4.
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Fantastic. Ever tempted to let someone else ink you?
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lol, never tempted!  however, it has happened many times in my career. =)
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I love see the pencils or sketches for the pages!!
nice job!!
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Those pencils!!!! whooaaaaa
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This book will need a "just pencil" special edition. Incredible.
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i absolutely loved deviations!!! :D
the art was so magnificent i had to buy a few more copies!!

i absolutely LOVE that cover you did for IDW Tmnt issue #11 !!!
it's always been and still is one of my favorite covers in the entire series!
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i'm honored, man!  thank you very much. =)
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you're very welcome! :D
your art is truly an inspiration!!
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me or the art?  thank you either way. =)
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:D your art, of course :D
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Great persoective on the left panel. Love the gritty design;overall great line art. Great style man.
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Amazing! !!!!
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