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Rom #1 Cover pencils and inks

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Some fun textures in there.  Nelson Daniel did some of his best colors over this one. =)
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at the cost of asking the obvious you did this cover too?
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Great B&W as usual, sir! :)
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I was already blown away by your explosions in WBY, but this is even more spectacular! And the details and textures are great!
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thanks, Eren!  =)   Yeah, it seems to be the only thing i got on lockdown.
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The only thing? Cmon, man, you're amazing! :D
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Wow. Amazing! Waaaay back in the day, Rom was the first comic I started collecting on a regular basis. A big part of that was I was 13 and they were always in the 25 cent bins, but regardless, I got to appreciate Rom and his space night buddies. I also had the highly immobile Rom toy, and your illustration seems to draw from both those sources, but put through a ultra bad-ass filter. Nice work!
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honored by the great comment - thanks!  =)
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This is insane! You are amazing, man!
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Character of my childhood. :)
I loved this.
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Sexiest inks ever!
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Super! Keep up the great art!
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Holy f*** this is amazing.
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Awesome! Is there a link to the coloured version?
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as soon as Nelson posts it! =)
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You and you awesome kickass explosions, man!
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