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Hellboy Issue1 Cover pencils and inks

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Pencils are digital and inks are traditional.
The inks are for sale through my art dealer, Court Gebeau. Contact him on his…
or directly:
FB: Court Gebeau
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i bought two copies. your cover and the mignola cover. i dont ever do that usually.
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Well, thank you very much, dude! =)  Great seeing you last year, as well.
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Is that the fire bending agent he usually hangs out with?

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Not that I'm aware of.  Believe she is a new character. =)
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I love mignola's work, the way he has striking silhouettes and an eye for contrast. The B.P.R.D. art style didn't do too much for me, but this piece really blends 2 styles that would be an utter mess in most people's hands. But you manage to have those nice clear silhouettes in every element, the pools of dark, the design elements are pulled back just enough to get that simplistic mignola vibe with the shadows but still has your normal crazy level of detail. You really out did yourself on this one. You should be able to walk around with this work under your belt with an air of "can't nobody say shit to me" as far as I'm concerned. :D 
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I always enjoy your parsing of my work, dude. =)  Most people don't have your ability to deconstruct what an artist did correctly, and find the gold nuggets. Thanks, Joe!
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Shit's beautiful dude and that balance between readability and detail is a really tricky rope to walk.
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