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the end dear

okay, now I'm disappearing again
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goooood ooommeeeens!!! XD XD XD this rocks!
riasama's avatar
I loove these two! And I love your drawings of them!
Wilkoak's avatar
i must draw those guys some day too
Wilkoak's avatar
1000000000000000000000000000000% of love
Kinggigasmon's avatar
YAAAY! Finally back!

The detail in the feathers dripping off the wings is incredible! :wow:
PlagueBearerBJD's avatar
wb for a brief time pineapple butt! :iconbrohugplz:
spacedrunk's avatar
my buddy, my pal, my buddy ol' pal, ol' friend! I sure do miss ya!
PlagueBearerBJD's avatar
Same to you, my lovely lady of the night. How ya been?
ambisweetiepie's avatar
Good omens \o/ Ahh I love this, and I miss your art ;___;
Do you ahve a tumblr or something where you post things???
spacedrunk's avatar
why yes I do have a tumblr my dear long lost friend! lemme.... send it to ya' via the notes.
Kaytara's avatar
Yeah, sorry, it was a typo! ^^; Hope to see more Good Omens are from you.
spacedrunk's avatar
I wanted to apologize for my reply to you! it was terribly terribly rude! I am so sorry aahhh
Kaytara's avatar
You weren't rude at all, don't worry.

[blatantly manipulative]...Although, if you want to make it up to me, you could do more Good omens art. ;) [/blatantly manipulative

Haha, kidding. Do whatever you're comfortable with. Have you thought about contributing your work to the Good Omens fangroup? ([link]) It deserves a hell lot more of exposure. :)
Nadeshiko-tenshi's avatar
Why do I feel very strongly that this is for Good Omens?
spacedrunk's avatar
perhaps because it is for good omens, heh
Nadeshiko-tenshi's avatar
That would explain it, yes.
Dredsina's avatar
Don't disappear
Don't go
I need u D:
spacedrunk's avatar
you know where to find me again child
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Oh, perfect. Lose the dynamic expressed in their poses and expressions. It kind of looks like Azi just caught Crowley rescuing a kitten or something.
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