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sexy pose

Look who's a handsome boy. :eyes: revamp
yea, show those servos.

art and character belong to me SpaceDog500 :iconspacedog500:

edit: added some sparkles!
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Echt krass dein Fortschritt. :)
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haha, thanks :D
it was fun to draw too
NadleehWolfDragon000's avatar
Glad to know . Have fun 
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beautiful tail Heart Eyes (Like, Love, Admire) 
Robot0celot's avatar
Ooh, is that a fresh wax job?
SpaceDog500's avatar
he shinyShine emoticon.
(damnit, now I realised I could've added some shiny sparkles!)
ZonalSemperfire's avatar
Look at the big round snoot *boop*
Laser-Fire's avatar
Just givin' the joints a good 'ole stretch!

Very nice work with the shading and reflective light!
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haha, yea exactly xD

He's totally that kind of guy too though. Like, the stereotypical 90s cool surfer dude whatever, who likes to show off what has... he's fun xD

thanks <3

Laser-Fire's avatar
NP! Yeah that's what I was thinking, also like he's stealing the thunder off of another robo-dog. :D
Silvolf's avatar
I like his tail fin, very intimidating! 
SpaceDog500's avatar

thanks. I like it too. :D

Some friend in a chat gave me that idea with the whole "fixing" the tail part, when I drew Kyles Synths form. ^^

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I think if he wanted to show the servos, he'd have to take off his paneling XD
SpaceDog500's avatar

That's true. xD But I don't think he would like that. My robots don't like taking off their "skin" neither.

SalaAlternate's avatar
I bet it would probably make them feel "naked" even though that's technically not how it works XD Don't worry, my robots are like that too!
SpaceDog500's avatar

It's more then that actually. They don't like seing their inner parts, it grosses them out. Like the same way most humans don't like to see their organs or blood, they don't like seing naked servos and what not. :D

SalaAlternate's avatar
Ooooh, so they wouldn't know how they're built, then? o.o But that DOES make sense, I wouldn't wanna see how I worked either XD
SpaceDog500's avatar

No, they do. I mean "doctors" or rather mechanics do exist in this world. So not everyone minds seing some oil. :D

Exactly. :D

SalaAlternate's avatar
Oooooh, right right! I guess all robots have to get repaired sometime XD
DracoPhobos's avatar
he has a fat necc haha
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