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YarkWark space adventure

People who knew Yark-Wark probably already heard the bad news that she died 2 weeks ago. :(
I didn't knew her that long. Maybe 4 years. But the time I spend talking with her was great. She was a very nice and fun person and I def. would call her a friend.
I'll miss talking to her and seeing her art and Team Prototype.

I was listening to Drops of Jupiter by Train, because the lyrics kinda seemed fiting because it's about the death of a loved one and he keeps asking her if she's enyoing space I guess? So I imagined Sparks flying through space as a spirit.
Personally I don't believe in heaven "heaven is overrated", but the idea of Yark being out there and going on her own space adventure just like Team Prototype gives me comfort. I hope she's having fun.
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I really love the pose and her happy face! So sad she passed away though, may she rest in peace. This is a lovely tribute.

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thank you.

I showed her silly doodles I did of her OC on discord a week before it happened. :c It's so weird.

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It's always a shock :(