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Abandoned space station

I love creepy, abandoned locations, and wanted to draw Space exploring such a location for halloween for years, but never did, until now. I think it's because I struggle with designing the intiror of space-ships/-stations. ^^"
But I think this one turned out ok. Maybe could have a little more going on. But it's abandoned, so maybe they took everything when they left. idk.
I also struggled with SpaceDogs eyes here. He's supposed to be scared and look behind him because he heard a noise. I hope it's clearer now.
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Hübsche Perspektive und Pose.

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Nice job! You did a good job with the ship interior and the details in it. And I think the expression turned out great! Also robot dog best dog

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I really love the perspective here

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Excellent job on this, the perspective is lovely and you did great on conveying his expression!

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What was that clanging sound? A ringing echo on the next deck up, or maybe...

Nice to see a little bit of sci-fi horror to spice up all the more terrestrial varieties going on. :D I especially like the unsettling magenta glow coming in from outside as the primary light source. Great composition (and more sinister shadows for something to lurk about in...) :devilish:

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I like that writing.

Thank you <3

Yea, it got kinda tiring to draw him always just being in space and nothing happening.

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