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Moving on

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space coyote's dA journal

***Inactive account! Please read below***

Hey guys! As you may have caught on, I haven't been active here for a long time. Better ways to keep up with my latest work:

:star: My Fangamer store
I work full-time designing video game merchandise for Fangamer, so this is where most of my work goes.

:star: @spacecoyotl on Twitter
The best way to keep up with me and send a quick question/comment. I no longer check comments or notes on this site.

My portfolio site where I've put up my favourite pieces. There is also a small news section.

To contact me directly, please check out my contact page or send me a message on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who followed me and supported me all these years. I could not have grown as an artist without you.

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space coyote's dA journal

Hello! I haven't written a journal entry here since September 2011, mostly because I don't come here very often anymore, but I have some pretty major convention appearances coming up in the next few months so I wanted to give notice.

I will have a table at:

:star: Fan Expo Vancouver (April 20-21, 2013)

:star: Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 11-12, 2013)
Free to attend!

:star: Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (May 25-26, 2013)
Free to attend!

Selling books, prints, and hopefully more depending on what I'm able to make! I can also be commissioned there!

And in June The Speed Gamers, a gaming marathon for charity I support on a regular basis, will be playing and streaming every Final Fantasy game from June 24 to July 1 to raise money for ACT Today. I might do some art for it.

I was also asked to spread the word about this fundraiser to help an artist and charity worker in need so please take a look.


ETA: Oh yeah, to best keep up with my work, please follow me on tumblr!

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space coyote's dA journal

Hey guys, I've been busy lately! Thought I'd quickly round up some news here.

First off, Bart Simpson #62 has a story penciled by me in it. I'm working on a special story for Simpsons Comics right now -- written by Ian Boothby -- and I'm pretty excited about it. Stay tuned for news on that!

Meat Bun, known for their stylish video game T-shirts, has just released their 20XX Line. I drew four of the designs! Three were commissioned by Meat Bun (Real Soviet Damage, Honda Onsen and Emperor of Muay Thai) and one was just something I drew for fun (Shao Khalvin) that got made into a T-shirt. Check them out!

Last Friday, Game Center CX came to LA. Being in Canada and all, I couldn't make it, but I drew fanart so I could get someone there to give it to the GCCX crew as a poster. It was a success! Full story at my Wordpress blog.

I want to add that the best way to contact me is through e-mail, not through dA. Contact info and FAQ are on my site.

I've also considered opening up commissions again. I may have to picky though, as it would have to be a part-time job. Would you be interested? No promises -- just exploring my options here.

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space coyote's dA journal

I'll be at Chicago Comic-Con this weekend! August 11-14, table #3118, taking commissions! Not sure how much I'll be charging yet.

Right next to me will be Ian Boothby, prolific Simpsons Comics writer and creator/writer of our short comic "My Deadbeat Dad" as well as another short comic I'll be doing artwork for. If I'm not at my table it's mostly likely because I'm checking out the convention and I will probably have bribed a friend of mine to stay and guard it!

Friday at 2 pm, I'll be doing a "Women in Comics" panel with Pia Guerra (Ian's wife and artist of "Y The Last Man") and Lillie Carré.

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space on tumblr

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space coyote's dA journal

Gamedeals is open now. My mural printed out great!

More pics here:…

I've finally begun using my tumblr account! Sketches, unfinished pics and other stuff that's not good enough to go up on my dA will be posted there, so I guess it's like an art blog. Follow me -->

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