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Long story short: Bongo Comics, Matt Groening's comic book company, is hiring me to do the pencils for a short manga-style Simpsons comic. Also, I've been contacted by 20th Century Fox. They want me to do work for them somehow. I might get a job for the upcoming new Futurama series!

Why all this sudden success? Why are my childhood dreams coming true? This is madness, I tells ya! MADNESS!

EDIT: I don't think all credit should go to just one website! My recognition is thanks to deviantART, Digg, Drawn, ABC News Australia, among many other websites and blogs. Not to mention word of mouth. Hence why I am thanking the Internet as a whole. :)

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And my life is still a steaming pile of shit!
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Congrats! ^_^ I remember when you first drew that picture too...
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I think it's kind of ironic that a few years ago you posted a journal rant about internet popularity not meaning anything.

And then, thanks to internet and popularity, this happens!

Maybe a lesson?
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Hi, I'm one more person to say congratulations! I've just read about you in a brazilian news site :)
Best of luck!!!!

ps. in case you want to see the site, its this one:
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Arum1966Professional Traditional Artist
Congratulations. Your work is awesome.
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IronMan9780 Interface Designer
woooohhhweee look who is an awesome artist and so lucky your an awesome artist and thats why you got that job your awesome keep up the good work and i bet soon you will have a new fan. *big smile*
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Lucky, S.O.B.
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aw, that was uncalled for. :(
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Well she is lucky.
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JFP Filmographer
Is this going to be in a regular Simpsons comic issue or a special issue?
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spacecoyoteProfessional General Artist
This will be a regular issue :)
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A massive congratulations to you! I'm really happy for you. :D
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NycterisAHobbyist General Artist
+watched you when I saw you on Digg. Congratulations!!!
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Whitey594Professional Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, you are the luckiest people on the planet!! You get to work on the Simpsons and Futurama?!!$%!^&$^?? That is soooo koollllll!
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Congratz! Saw the news over at
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Sir, I am extremely proud of you. It is my dream to be in the art industry, and I am overjoyed to see people get to their dreams. I hope it works well!
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new futurama?!
CutiePieKitten's avatar
:clap: OH MY GOODNESS!! Congradulations!!! I hope to pick up a copy sometime! x3
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Congrats on the job...
I'm really happy for you. :w00t: Is great to see some deviants getting this opportunities. :)
Good luck. :clap:
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That is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to a person on deviantART!

Congratulations x a million!
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WOOT! Live the dream!
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SoVeryUnofficialProfessional General Artist
Yeah all that sudden success?
You so bleepin' deserve it.
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Congrats! Thats truly amazing!
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