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Long story short: Bongo Comics, Matt Groening's comic book company, is hiring me to do the pencils for a short manga-style Simpsons comic. Also, I've been contacted by 20th Century Fox. They want me to do work for them somehow. I might get a job for the upcoming new Futurama series!

Why all this sudden success? Why are my childhood dreams coming true? This is madness, I tells ya! MADNESS!

EDIT: I don't think all credit should go to just one website! My recognition is thanks to deviantART, Digg, Drawn, ABC News Australia, among many other websites and blogs. Not to mention word of mouth. Hence why I am thanking the Internet as a whole. :)

:bulletpurple: [WEBSITE] re-venge
:bulletpurple: [WEBCOMIC] Saturnalia.

:bulletblue:[COMMISSIONS] Closed for the month! Go here for details. Check my queue.
:bulletblue:[TRADES] Only if I know you!
:bulletblue:[REQUESTS] Sorry, no.

WHY I DISABLE COMMENTS: this gallery isn't here for critiques OR praise. It's just acting as an extension of my website. I know you can select what kind of comments you want, but I figured it's not fair to allow one kind of comment but not another.
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And my life is still a steaming pile of shit!