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GameCenter CX Hits the Road



A quick picture I did for Game Center CX (a.k.a. Retro Game Master) starring comedian Shinya Arino. They're coming to LA and San Francisco this Friday for a special episode, and though I can't be there, I'm getting someone to print this out as a poster so it could be given to them as a gift. I'm a big fan of the show so there are several inside jokes here. For example, the motorcycle is the one from the SEGA arcade game "Hang-On."

My ulterior motive is to have my art on the show.

("Abunai", when exclaimed, means danger!/look out!/careful! and is practically Arino's catchphrase.)

UPDATE (Oct 10, 2011): My art got on the show! Yay! Not only that, but it was on display at the GCCX food booth at Tokyo Game Show 2011.
UPDATE #2: This picture has since been used in for the US trip article in the "Game Center CX V" book, and better yet, used as the cover for the "Game Center CX in USA" DVD!

カナダに住んでいるのでロスのイベントに行けませんでした。課長にプレゼントするチャンス、見逃すわけにはいけない!と思い、このイラストを描き、ロスの知り合いがポスターにして有野課長へ届けました。その後、東京ゲームショウの『博多あべや』で飾れました!阿部 さんが気に入ってくれたようです。
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