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Teen Titans - New Dynamic Duo



I had fun doing a Teen Titan's comic cover last piece.  So its no wonder that I wanted to do it again with different characters.  I've had a few requests to do a Raven piece and or a Starfire piece and this just seemed too perfect.  I remember when the new 52 came out many folks were upset about Starfire's new outfit.  I wanted to stay true to her cartoon network outfit.  I think both of their uniforms work well.  The new Teen Titans uniforms feel way too techno.  Not really superhero-like.  Any way, would love comments good and bad.  Helps me learn.  Thanks!
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Okay I love the outfits you have given them, they are like the cartoons but they are tweaked. The art is great in this pick and I like the background you have given them. Starfires's eyes are supposed be a total green rather then just her iris but I like what you did better. Raven is probably my favorite DC character and you have done a great job on her. I can see Raven's violet hair which I think looks better then what they are doing in the comics right now (which was black and now seems blue)

To sum it all up I wished you were doing the art in Teen Titans instead of who they got.