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Morty Maker

By spacecoma
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Make your- Make your very own Morty!

I've been watching waaay to much Rick and Morty. WAaaay, waaaay too much.

Let me know what you wanna see next.
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Could you please maybe add some female options? It would be so much appreciated! Otherwise, this is amazing! I love making different kinds of Mortys!~

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If you could extend this and/or make a general Rick & Morty character maker, I'd definitely make some videos showing it off and telling people where to find it, etc. etc. (Just sayin'.)
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And I made a friendly African Morty. Could make do with afro but well done anyways.
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I'd like to see ponytails, so I could make Chell from Portal
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haha I just made my friend Greig :D
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I ended up making Joel from Vinesauce.

What am I doing with my life
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i used this for like five minutes...

..i ended up making john from homestuck...

Sollsolx Capot sollux captororotor WHAT? 
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So far I've made Psychic Morty, Monochromatic Morty, and Nerd Morty.
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i love you for making this game 
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made a Jesus Morty, i love this game.
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A Mowhawk And More Colors For The Beard...Like Black, Thanks, Great Job!!!
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I made a vampire morty!
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mmmmorty *burp* we gotta go *BRUP -.-*
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You should add a female morty option, or other morties from pocket morties!
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I second this! Along with a beanie or somthing I wanna see Mort in one of those slouchy hats :P Objects and props for this in general would be rad and I look forward to them. ^^
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I LOVE Rick and Morty! Helped me and my amazing sister bond <3
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