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Interstellar - Black Hole rotation GIF

Made with Blender 2.5
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Okay, this is actually damn terrific ! Bravo ! Britney Spears Clapping Britney Spears Clapping

How did you do that ? Did you use existing rendering equations or did you made this up ? I'm curious about that ! BTW, have you read the article from the team behind the CGI and science of interstellar (about gravitational lensing etc ...) ?
It's amazing !

Anyway , great work ! Cutie Thumbs Up 
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I was just messing around with meshes and transparency for about 5 days total. I don't know how to make equations in blender, so I just kept messing around.

When I made the model for the gravitational distortion, I noticed that it look a lot like a 3D model of a worm hole in those space documentaries.
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Okay thanks for the response !
And great job, really ! :)