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Neptune Skies by sirgerg Neptune Skies :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 942 97 Orbit - Redux by ANTIFAN-REAL Orbit - Redux :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 9,807 579 Abaddon by shirosynth Abaddon :iconshirosynth:shirosynth 619 235 Arrival by ANTIFAN-REAL Arrival :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 2,135 135 Jewel by sirgerg Jewel :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 796 68 Phoenix Nebula by sirgerg Phoenix Nebula :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 3,016 170 Grand Universe by ANTIFAN-REAL Grand Universe :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 4,384 390 Icarus's Wish by alyn Icarus's Wish :iconalyn:alyn 3,693 633 A Boy Brushed Red by AP123 A Boy Brushed Red :iconap123:AP123 1,071 127 Alpha and Omega 3 by shirosynth Alpha and Omega 3 :iconshirosynth:shirosynth 6,796 1,739 Artifacts by SamODJ Artifacts :iconsamodj:SamODJ 467 115 VASTNESS by DKF VASTNESS :icondkf:DKF 395 102 Exotika by DKF Exotika :icondkf:DKF 1,223 111 The Edge by DKF The Edge :icondkf:DKF 188 53 The Unknown by DKF The Unknown :icondkf:DKF 1,640 207 Suns of Icarus by absolutehalo Suns of Icarus :iconabsolutehalo:absolutehalo 152 28

Our folder for exceptional space art from before 2010.
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:iconcosmicbound: Features by cosmicbound

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Sandtroopers on Tatooine by andrewhitc Jedi Order by Neferet-Cosplay Soldier: 76 and Ana by Akunohako Kylo Ren cosplay The Last Jedi by 14th-division Exit by Helga-Helleborus Evolution by Cestica Dp0q5588.mirror.jpg by thespook Tracer - Overwatch by Hoteshi Planet God by cheker123 Snowdonia and the Milky way panorama by Photosbykev World on Fire by mehrdadart

Death tube by johnlaine Papercutting Art : The Hope / Rogue One by Yuki-Shibaura Steampunk Goggles Classic-04 by doublepgoggles NieR:Automata by AZLL Destiny character commission by RoeeateR Milky Clock Witch by JeremyChong A Noise in the Lab by Amelia-Wilde Star Wars - Sky Battle by Dylan-Kowalski Told You So by matjosh Cyberpunk Streets by SeerLight The Boulevard by eddie-mendoza Weave - Solar Age by nicholaskole

:icondoughboycafe::iconbeccajs::iconakrasiel: Features by doughboycafe, BeccaJS, akrasiel

Rainlight    Rain crackled as it hit the ground, scattering sparks in every direction. It was a nostalgic kind of rain, with a warm electric glow and steam that curled upwards as the falling water smashed into the pavement.
    It was a beautiful sight, but a dangerous one.
    A familiar voice startled him from behind. “You actually came.”
    Cathias turned from the window to see the soft glow of Matiah’s eyes blinking from the doorway. Blue eyes, the color of a sparkmoth in flight. “Of course.” 
     “Come then. We need you to see this.”
     “The worms.” Cathias said, keeping pace with her. “You said it was urgent.”
    She sighed as the door slid open.
    Cathias winced as he stepped into a room. Research lights were painfully bright, reflecting off the angular metal walls, and revealin
anfractuous.and I have so many things yet to show you.
none of this is beautiful when compared to hair whipping out a car window in a night
so deep and far-flung from city lights that you can see by starlight for 
desert grass desert dust sighing in the
wind chasing at the tires and the sky
oh my god the sky oh my god that
sky she calls
for only her wildest children tonight, she calls
for us to gallop against each other against each
other our shoulders brushing with canyons with coyotes like brothers
like sisters she calls
for us calls after us as we pelt free and far-flung beneath her black-blue starified belly pregnant with
planets pregnant with music pregnant with
wilder dreams than these
The Dragon and the Dying StarsOnce upon a time, in a world far distant, the night sky grew dark. Slowly, at first, the stars grew dim. The king’s philosophers at first thought that this was nothing more than the action of passing aeons, and that more would burn anew. But ere long their numbers dwindled, and the naked eye saw plainly what no telescope could: the stars were consumed.
     Troubled, the king sent out his greatest knight upon a steed of chrome. Agravane was that knight’s name, and in his hand he bore a sword born of a dying star. Never would that blade break, and never would its edge grow dull. For many weeks Agravane rode through the void, and for as many weeks the king watched through the seeing-stone that stood before his throne.
    At last, Agravane found his foe, and the king at last saw who it was who plucked the stars from the aether like grapes from the vine.
    It was a dragon, vast as his kingdom and black as the void.
infinity plus oneregression to etceteras,
the humming of the dead
      the clutched hands
of our only other heart exploded
      like I like,
the room or house where we are
(that's where I thought that).
   incapable of love
or saying hello to who said hello
to who, to the ends of the earth.
at the end of all things.
          to fuck a ghost.
a tangled messy ghost of hands
alive to touch what I said, I said,
too numb to touch nothing else.
a dumb joke that went and told
the absolute truth to her face.
the immanent unstoppable thing
that was smashed up
   in the trash.
it was the end of times,
   it was the only times.
it laid down on the floor/
    was nailed to a cross
through felt contact with its objects
with its unkillable otherworldly friend
who chose with no choice
    and the end.
    began and ended.
and there were no such things.

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