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'Watchworks' pendant

The pendant I made for my steampunk costume. This is an 18x13mm brass oval "King's Crown" stone setting that I hammered flat, then covered in assorted watch gears and two 2.5mm Swarovski Rose flatbacks.

The pendant is only 1" long, from tip to tip!

For those who want to make their own creations with those little gears, I get mine from The little canisters of them are in the embellishments pages.

I WILL MAKE THESE ON COMMISSION. Due to the assorted nature of the canisters of gears, the exact gears on each pendant will vary slightly. I can make the stones any color you want.

One of these, without the chain, is $45.
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Hi Kristen
I have featured this necklace in my artwork here [link] and in my Steampunk themed journal here [link]

Thanks and best wishes
:heart: Elle Evans
Are you still taking requests for this necklace? I would very much to purchase one if you are.

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You have been Featured in my latest JOURNAL :heart:
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that's beautiful
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Niice ! Did you glue the gears or solder them ?
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WOw! That's so cute! Really creative!
This is beautiful!
I love it. Where can I buy this?
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I can make you one. Just send me a message with the color you would like for the rhinestones and your paypal address so I can send you an invoice :).
How do I send you the paypal address? And is there anyway you can make it in a precious metal? I would like emerald green rhinestones please. And a little smaller than what it seems to be.
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I cannot do precious metals or a smaller size. Both the base pendant and gears are brass and steel, and are not available in gold or silver :\. The entire pendant is just under 1" long, so it's pretty tiny already.

My paypal is :)
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Oh my, its so beautiful! :O
I wish I had money for that!
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I love it!! For only being an inch in size, its so intracit (idk how to spell...)
beautiful work.
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*O* I want it... It's SO BEAUTIFUL !
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Wow. -is impressed-
It's amazing.
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WOAH. I love this. Would you sell it? XD
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I can make another for you. The pendant itself (no chain) is $45. I can make the stones whatever color you wish.
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Hm. Good to know. :)
I´ll remember it. ;)
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Whoa thats so cool! Where did you find watch parts?
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ok i want that really bad XD thats so pretty and awsome. i love sort of industrial stuff like that. and its amazing that you made that by hand! it looks like it could be something machine made because of the detail!
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