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Sheryl Nome's Microphone

The microphone prop I've made for my upcoming Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) costume. The handle is braided, just like it should be. ;)

Wooden dowel segment, craft foam, and this gaudy gold pvc belting stuff I found at Joanns. Photographed on the fabric I'm using for her dress - a cookie for you if you know what outfit of hers I am making!
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This is absolutely lovely
miccostumes's avatar
wow, really nice work, i also edit a tutorail about how to make Sheryl Nome’s Microphone at [link]
Spooky-Elric's avatar
The purple dress! Good luck! The microphone already looks amazing :]
vani's avatar
I told you, that's a flute/whistle!! hee hee hee I can't wait to see this puppy all blinged out!! *0*
vampirate777's avatar
That looks great! And I'm assuming that you're making the purple dress with the sunburst pleats from some of the early promo art.
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
That looks wonderful!! You did a superb job on it ^.^
pockyfairy's avatar
This looks awesome! Can't wait to see this costume :D
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Your attention to detail and stamina for producing amazing things has always floored me...and lighted a green fire under my bum if you know what I mean.

I love the handle, this is fantastic.
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Amazing job! I though it was metal by the looks.
Never imaged it would have been craft foam!
kaizokuyacchan's avatar
Nice stuff! Totally thought it was metal at first.
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