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Looks like this is not still active
If any of my fellow space engineers is looking for a new space game and make some good money developing items check out The game is super early and would benefit from pre-existing models, plus you have a huge,fresh audience excited about the metaverse ready to purchase NFTs for game to play.
Could you invite me? It won't allow me to.
should be done by now! 
Hi Mineraleater May I join your group ;)

I got this message :
Sorry! Join requests are closed at this time.
My bad... i should have changed the settings by now! 
Thanks :)

I'm working on a mission world called ''Bio Station 12 Quest'' will need a good Space Engineer to find and rebuild an Alien ship name ''ZRYHNAS'' it's a 5 small ships in one using merge blocks to connect all parts for more detailed new screenshots are in my Featured Gallery. I've recently publish new Drills and Drone a team of fast workers in my Gallery too.

I am the first member ;) :happybounce: