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No Fucks Given :iconspace-between-spaces:Space-between-spaces 48 31


I want you to know that regardless of my criticisms this is a beautiful photo and I'm really quite glad I got the chance to see it. It'...

I love this piece. I just like seeing high quality pictures of the moon but that's not why I've given you such high marks in the rating...

This is lovely, I could spend days describing things I like about this picture. The use of lighting, the pose, having her holding the t...

I'll start with the vision, I can tell what you were going for which was four ladies hanging out in or near water but beyond that there...


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These deviants made some sexy awesome high quality art, I'd advise checking them out. I strongly encourage you to favourite their work.
I Support Erotic Art Stamp by trinitylast Stamp: Porn by 8manderz8 I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere


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I think I'm going to need to get my priorities in order.

Here is a link to my Google+, Furaffinity, Pixiv, Paypal, and Tumblr page.



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It never ceases to amaze me how stupid internet culture has become I share a harmless opinion which somehow leads someone to believe I'm "triggered". I really hate that word. When the SJW idiots aren't using it you can always count on overly defensive people calling you "triggered" because of an opinion. I don't care for bronies much to begin with however when I share an opinion is should never get to the point that they have to try to victimize themselves while claiming I'm triggered. I don't hate MLP just like I don't hate Naruto or even DC comics, it's the fanbase I despise.

I should add that seeing the "post a hateful comment and block so I can be the winner here" mentality is always refreshing.
Girls at the Beach -Commission-
This was a commission for AAGGRESSS. He wanted a commission featuring his character's (Ms Smith, Forest Fox, Succubus, and Humonculus) showing off their swimsuits and boy do they but I don't think the homunculus at the end got the memo so she just showed up naked but that works because she apparantly has no lady bits or nipples which more less throws me for a loop.

The background was provided by the exceptionally talented rjdp1, seriously they have some amazing pictures and didn't give a ridiculous amount of insane rules for using their stock.

All characters are atleast eighteen years old years old and nothing sexual is in this picture. IF YOU ARE GOING TO START CRITICIZING MY WORK THEN PLEASE LET IT BE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Don't start bashing this because you don't like tits, that's just stupid.
The simple answer is because of the community of adults who act like children.

Side note: No Sam, this is not about you or your friends. This is about the large amount of people who I've seen here on dA who cause drama/act crazy and then blame it on their autism.

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. When I was younger I was told that it was neurological disorder. I had been diagnosed when I was in first or second grade although they insisted I be home schooled for kindergarten which leads me to believe that they had their suspicions sooner. The point being is up until middle school I was kept separate from the other students, they insisted that I be taught in a classroom separate from other students or if I did go to class with regular students I was being assisted through all my classes by a teaching aid. On paper this sounds good, you know, the special ed kid will get one-on-one treatment to help complete his assignments and will get the assistance he needs to complete his work. The truth is they wanted to keep me separate from the rest of my classmates so that I did not disrupt class. It wasn't to make sure I succeeded but rather to make sure I didn't drag anyone else down. This is how it is with all students that have developmental or mental disorders. Often enough special ed students, regardless of their condition, are all kept together and away from the other students. I realized that their solution was not to help them to reach the same standard as other students but rather, harm reduction. This became especially clear when I talked with an associate and I wanted to learn what a special education diploma was. I didn't like the answer. Most employers and collages do not recognize a special education diploma as a legitimate high school diploma. I was lucky, when I was in middle school I opted to be placed in normal classes and try for a regular high school diploma. It was a lot of work but I succeeded. I managed to avoid becoming another student who would be marked as disabled later in life by their condition even though it is technically a disability.

Basically, the solution was not to help autistic people to overcome their condition but to keep them apart of other students even later in life. These people often never develop the social skills necessary to take care of themselves or others.

The next problem I noticed was that Autism is revered as an insult by most deviants, where as retarded used to be the common term for less intelligent or considerably unacceptable behaviours nowadays "autistic" or "autists" has become the new retarded. The worst part is some individuals with autism try to use their disability as an excuse for their unacceptable behaviours as suggested by thisthis, or even this. I'm not the only one to notice this problem either, other deviants have seen this too as suggested by the previous links I've provided. The truth is there is no reason why the autistic community should be singled out like they have been but this is where we reach the primary point. Even though there are plenty of people who recognize that autism isn't a bad thing there are those who treat autism as an excuse for their behaviours which actually marginalizes the entire autistic community. I understand that different people were diagnosed with different types of autism on the autistic spectrum which causes them to not fully understand some basic social cues but at that point it begs the question why are they online in the first place? You see, speaking as an individual diagnosed with Asperger's Autism, I know how easy it is to use any excuse to keep yourself from being punished but autism is becoming the excuse that defines all of us.

Because some people with some form of autism use it as an excuse, now we all look bad regardless whether we have severe autism, Asperger's autism, or even high functioning autism. We all look bad.

I've grown up now, I have a two lazy eyes, type 1 diabetes, ADHD although never treated, autism, and probably depression. I have worked so hard to not be defined by my condition(s) but that doesn't amount to much. People with autism have to learn to take some level of personal accountability because otherwise this trend of autism becoming a joke will become irreversible.


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