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I want you to know that regardless of my criticisms this is a beautiful photo and I'm really quite glad I got the chance to see it. It'...

I love this piece. I just like seeing high quality pictures of the moon but that's not why I've given you such high marks in the rating...

I'll start with the vision, I can tell what you were going for which was four ladies hanging out in or near water but beyond that there...

Let's start with the obvious, I WILL NOT BE JUDGING THE BACKGROUND. Now starting with the vision it is clear you had an idea as to what...


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These deviants made some sexy awesome high quality art, I'd advise checking them out. I strongly encourage you to favourite their work.
I Support Erotic Art Stamp by trinitylast Stamp: Porn by 8manderz8 I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere


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I think I'm going to need to get my priorities in order.

Here is a link to my Google+, Furaffinity, Pixiv, Paypal, and Tumblr page.



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I'm really starting to enjoy slice of life anime. It's funny, when I was younger I loved DBZ, Naruto, and all the other stereotypical shonen protagonist type animes but now I seem to enjoy slice of life style animes the best. I still enjoy things like Hunter x Hunter as well as Black Clover. Am I an Otaku?
Does anyone know the opera that plays in episode 9 of the original Hellsing animated series?
I just want you to know I'm only telling you about this so you can avoid it.
Alright kids, story time. I have a troll that jacks with me. I've gotten used to him and even share the occasional laugh with him. He's almost like a brother to me and I actually care very much about him. Well, one day, a deviant claiming to be a werewolf started harassing him just because he made a picture of him killing a werewolf but it didn't look like her. It was actually some pretty good photoshop. Eventually, their fight escalated to the point he drew himself killing her fursona but because of how fucking batshit crazy she was she literally believed it was a threat against her life because she doesn't identify as human. Their fight lasted so long that other trolls started taking notice of her. She started harassing me with hateful comments after jacking with him. I won't tolerate this so I've blocked her and all her alt accounts and I'm asking you, my watchers, to do the same. This crazy woman is freaking out of her mind. I'm not telling you this so you can attack her. Just block her.
Here is a list of all her accounts including the one she claims is her "boyfriend":


Now there are easily more than three accounts here all managed by the same person, block her because she goes around shaming people on their own pictures about how she doesn't identify as human, how she is actually a werewolf, that it's offensive to animals to say this or that, and then there is the fact that's she's basically just an SJW furry. Block her. You can't reason with crazy, just block her.

Screenshot from 2018-12-10 19-08-47 by Space-between-spaces
WTF? Seriously? Is this person a troll? The typing errors are bad enough but who the Hell is he talking about drowning? Also, Dark is not my boyfriend, he's a friend and a troll. Seriously, I just... I don't even.
Of Beasts and Men
I wanted to draw a picture highlighting the relationship between Lucifer and Nia, this is what I ended up with. The background was one I took a year or so back. and I know I didn't shade those two. This piece was one I intended to shade but since I didn't want to try to draw a werewolf so instead I used one that my friend Dark-Homunculus made using a base provided by Shadow-Bases. Recently I had some trouble with werewolf themed crap so naturally I needed something to help me vent. I'll include the story for this one. It's a remarkably short story, I just wanted to kill a werewolf.

All characters are well over the age of 18 and while it contains nudity nothing sexual is in this picture. It more for violence than anything else.
So please comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this picture but if you're going to criticize it please let it be constructive criticism.

    One cold morning Lucifer walked towards the kitchen area of his cabin in the woods. Nia was outside making short work of an anthill with a magnifying glass. Lucifer was going to have to remember to ask her where she kept finding all these things to start fires with. Luckily, the woods weren't overly thick so he was less concerned about his chaotic companion starting any fires. He had even gone so far as to provide her a dress made out of fire proof materials which she seemed to value highly. Normal clothes simply weren't an option with a pyro like her. When he first found her she lived in an orphanage for mentally insane children. She had approached him with no fear whatsoever and almost seemed to want to play. That was fifty years back and still she hadn't aged a day. He almost despised her but at the same time revered her highly, as nothing he did could hurt her. She didn't seem capable of complex thought even though she could speak clearly. As the weeks grew longer and the weather got colder it seemed like Nia was playing outside less and less.
    It was no immediate concern to him what she thought considering most of the time is was single word statements like "pretty" but one day it was different. They'd heard an unusual amount of howling and saw vaguely humanoid shapes in the woods. He wasn't sure if it was a prank but Nia refused to go outside. Normally nothing could scare her but she wanted nothing to do with the outside. He wandered out leaving Nia in the safety of their home. It was absurdly quiet.
    "Alright, you have five second before I hunt you down and rip the spine out of your body. Five. Four. Thre-" As Lucifer was counting something tackled him at the side. He knocked the assailant out into a tree with his angelic wings before he continued, "Oh good, I needed some exercise, I guess you'll do." The creature seemed to be completely unaware of it's mistake as it rushed him again but he was ready for it until another werewolf attacked him from behind and yet another from the side. With a fight like that most people would have died but Lucifer twirled knocking all three of the beasts away. He extended his wings and a series of blasts formed from the feathers which littered the area with the werewolves in angelic retribution. Surely after all the destruction the beasts would be dead but he soon discovered one of them tearing into the door of his cabin. The door wasn't overly strong so it wasn't able to withstand anything beyond the first couple of slashes.
    "No! Leave me alone!" The young girl screamed in abject horror as she threw coffee cups, silverware, and anything else that would keep the monster at bay. The beast eyed Nia and went to attack but was tossed out by it's rear leg.
    "I don't recall telling you that you could enter my home. Bad dog, looks like I'm going to have to teach you some manners." Lucifer said as he killed the other two wolf creatures with his divine first light. They were destroyed in an instant but he left the third one alive. He wanted to enjoy breaking it's will before he broke it's body. He beat the creature repeatedly but every time it seemed to recover and lunge at him again. This time he smashed the creature's throat in with a considerably lethal left hook but even with it sputtering blood it was no less determined.
    Nia watched with the same demented interest she would display when tearing the wings off of a butterfly or like some weeks back where she torched those ants.
    Wait a minute, was she really afraid or did she only do this to watch me kill this werewolf bitch? Lucifer thought to himself. It hadn't occurred to him before how much  she enjoyed watching him fight. He smiled as he kicked the beast away. He raised his hand and the beast was gone. "Nia?"
    "Yes, Luci?"
    "You weren't really in any danger, were you?" He asked calmly.
    Nia giggled, blushed, and looked away.
    Fucking called it.


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