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Saimin by SpaazleDazzle Saimin by SpaazleDazzle
I apparently never posted or even mentioned her backstory, so here's the short and sweet of it:

Saimin was born in 1647 in a a small and very religious village. She would often go out and play, and go to mass with her friends and family. Then when her friends were accused of witchcraft, they burned her in the center of the village for everyone to see. Saimin became afraid, and didn't go out too much after the execution. Saimin and her mother would go out to the river just beyond the trees to swim, but Saimin's mom told her to keep it all a secret from everyone else. Unfortunately she was caught, and accused of witchcraft. Saimin accidentally told the priest about her mother, and sure enough, they were beaten, had their tongues chopped off, and burned at the stake. Saimin was very young when this happened. Her soul was trapped in limbo, and she was hellbent on getting revenge on the priest, and avenging her mother's death, but she was trapped in limbo for so long, that hundreds of years blew past her like a soft breeze. Eventually the Grim Reaper found her lost soul, and offered to help her move on, but she pleaded to be reincarnated to get her revenge. The Reaper agreed after a long argument, and granted her powers of hypnosis and an electric like power as well. Unfortunately, she was reincarnated in the modern world. Confused, angry and scared, she caused havoc wherever she went. She eventually met Zion at a cemetery, and soon built the criminal team she leads today, Team Demon. After several years she had forgotten her original purpose, and focused more on new adventures and friends. She was soon reminded of it, and she went searching for her old village, which was lost in a forest, in ruins. She often visits her own shallow grave, never allowing herself to forget, but allowing herself to move on until death claims her again. Saimin feels a strong distaste towards religion, and even gets angry when it's brought up in any shape and form.  
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October 19, 2017
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