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Raving Flare by SpaazleDazzle Raving Flare by SpaazleDazzle
I finally have more info for Flare Parade! This is the short (kinda) and sweet story of how she got her cutie mark:

Growing up, Flare was a late bloomer, so by the time all the fillies and colts got their cutie mark, she was still waiting for hers. Flare wasn't much of a social pony, in fact, most saw her as a social outcast. She was always too shy to even try to make a simple conversation. Then one day, a group of colts went up to her, they handed her a flyer for a rave event in town. Flare then became determined to gain a social life, so she started a bit of research to gain some sort of understanding on raves, then off she went!

She was confused as to what was going on at first, but eventually the music and lighting caused her to blend right into the crowd. Flare then casted small light spells to add some wel... Flair lol. Soon enough she was in the spotlight, and gained the nickname Raving Flare. 

Excited, she went to plan her own party, with a light show created by only her. She invited her new following, and got the party ready. As the guests arrived, small fireworks, magic blasts and beams were shot into the air. Flare Parade created and amazing air show for hours on end, until her magic grew weak, but even then, she would do smaller light show on the ground. During her partying and magic show, another flash of light appeared, but was ignored, the flash of her cutie mark! 
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September 26, 2017
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